Christian Burkhardt

While most DJs are content to play other people’s records, Christian Burkhardt uses his own sounds and beats to explore the limits of sonic possibilities. His music blends impassioned melodies with seductive grooves, creating a unique production style which has crept into the playlists of some of house music’s biggest names.

He has taken the sounds created in his Offenbach studio to live shows on nearly every continent. Now Burkhardt is to perform in Brighton, at a new night of the finest underground tech house. Successful local house and techno brands Beatsworkin & Rebel Rabble are teaming up with Romania’s Gabriel Ursu to create Rebel Beats at the brand new Bau Wow club.

When you tour so much, how do you prevent each show from becoming ‘just another city’?

After ten years, I am still interested in exploring new cities and making new friends. I often stay one day longer if possible and check the area, go sightseeing or to the beach. I think it’s a personal thing- some DJs complaining about travelling. I’m still enjoying travelling the world.

Do you think you’ve perfected your sound now? Or are there still new avenues to explore?

Of course, my sound is always evolving, otherwise it would be boring after some time. I try to keep my minimal house signature but at the same time I go in different genres and sounds. To collaborate with other artists is also a good chance to get another point of view.

Is techno in danger of losing its musical identity?

I think there is not one “techno”. Techno is multifaceted with all the different branches and its more than alive after about 30 years. Nothing can beat techno!

What’s your philosophy on forging a unique and enduring sound? How much inspiration comes from the environment around you?

I try to be not too professional in the studio. I start with a blank paper, quality samples, some hardware, brain off and follow the feeling comes from the belly, like we say in Germany. The environment is an important point, so I invite many producer friends to my studio for jam sessions.

Do you think many great DJs struggle to be heard in today’s crowded clubbing landscape?

It takes time and passion to get in the business. Just keep on doing your thing and if you are lucky you make it. I did techno ten years only for fun, before I had the breakthrough with the Frankfurt/Mannheim Gang. If you have money, get a manager, producer, PR, fancy hairdress and a stylist- Possibly this works also these days.

What’s the scene like back home these days? Do you still get to visit Heidelberg? (Such a beautiful city…)

I often visit my mom, sometimes my mastering guy Lopazz. I wasn’t playing the last years there, but you`re right, every time I drive through the city I think ‘how beautiful.’

What are you expecting the Brighton crowd to be like?

Full on, partying like there is no tomorrow- right?

What does 2018 have in store for you?

There’s plenty of releases about to happen: remix for Argy on Cuttin´ Headz, a remix For Andre Buljat on Akbal Music, an EP on CB-Sessions with Einzelkind and a track on Muna Musik (Mathias Kadens label). Christian Burkhardt plays the Rebel Beats Launch Party at Brighton’s Bau Wow on Sat 3 March

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