Christopher Bliss’ Literary Salon heads to Komedia

London’s least relevant Literary Salon comes to Brighton on Fri 19 Jan, after a string of successful shows. What happens when an over-analytical literature graduate inconceivably champions the two-page novels of a charming misfit from Shropshire?

Christopher Bliss writes two to three novels a day. His novels are fairly-well known amongst his family and friend, and hand-written copies of his works can be found in Waterstones (put there himself).

The alias of Rob Carter, Bliss takes an aggrandising and singular look at Britain’s modern literary scene. Joined by a different published novelist, he metes out unwarranted feedback on their work and improves classic literature. After a critically acclaimed debut show at 2016’s Edinburgh Fringe, Carter’s loveable character is back with a brand-new, must-see show.

Christopher Bliss’ Literary Salon comes to Brighton’s Komedia on Fri 19 Jan 2018


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