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Cirque Berserk! comes to Brighton and Hove

Spending six hours on a train or investing in the flight (which at least only takes an hour and a half) to get to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month sounds like a pretty unlikely occurrence for most Brighton residents. This year, however Zippo’s Cirque Berserk! is bringing their sellout Fringe show to you as part of their National Tour. For even those on the outskirts of Brighton, Hove Lawn is a lot closer than Scotland.

Cirque Berserk! is Britain’s biggest theatre circus with over 30 astoundingly-talented acrobats, aerialists, drummers, dancers, jugglers and of course, dare-devil stunt-people, willing to risk life and limb for the entertainment of the audience. The troupe combines contemporary cirque-style artistry (think non-stop music, embezzled costumes and glamour) with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action that’ll make your heart rise into your throat. 

The show is inclusive for all ages, from those from 5 to 95, it stands true that no one is ever too old for the bright lights of the circus. Most will be entering the Big Top to see the return of Cirque’s most famous – and most dangerous – act, the ‘Globe of Death’. Here five motorcyclists speed across the inside of a spherical steel cage, only narrowly missing one another as they cross paths, at up to 60 miles per hour!

The troupe is joined by the amazing Paulo Dos Santos, a 3ft 6in (107 cm) aerialist, acrobat and physical comedian – a mix of Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean, hanging from a rope on the ceiling. Cirque Berserk! has everything you need (and some you didn’t know you needed) for an exhilarating, action-packed evening.

The production with play under the Big Top on Hove Lawns from Wednesday 28th August to Tuesday 3rd of September. Tickets can be booked at 

WHISPER: there’s a Discount Code to save you up to 20% on your tickets. Just enter code EF50 when you book on line. Don’t tell anyone, though…!




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