Classic Casino Games That Have Adapted to the Modern World

If you head to the casino in Brighton, whether it’s the Rendezvous, Grosvenor or somewhere else, you are going to be met with some old-world charm. Casinos can often feel like a bit of a throwback, with everything including etiquette, dress code and the way we play games part of a bygone era.

However, there is a misconception about casino games, a stereotype that they have not evolved with the times. That’s simply not true, especially in the online arena. Below we look at how some classic games have evolved and changed to fit the demands of modern cultural expectation.


Still the ultimate game of chance, the rules of roulette have changed much, but many other things have changed dramatically. Take, for example, the ground-breaking Age of the Gods Roulette, which can be played as a live dealer or virtual game at an online casino. Age of the Gods, one of the top roulette games you can play at, uses the latest technology to offer interconnected jackpots that could be won by you or someone playing on the other side of the planet. Then there is Playtech’s live roulette games, such as Live Football Roulette, which offers a communal platform for discussion about football, as well as gaming excitement.


Most people are probably aware that slot games are no longer the one-armed-bandits or ‘fruities’ of old. Modern slots are to those games what Call of Duty is to the Pong game of the 1970s. Indeed, anyone who hasn’t played a modern slot game is in for a shock. Titles like Superman: Man of Steel, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Gladiator: Road to Rome slot are big productions based on hit movies, with lavish graphics, real footage and surprising elaborate bonus games and special features. But the biggest shock of all will come with the payouts. Sites like the aforementioned will have slots that could – and have – literally pay out millions with any single spin. It’s all about the power of connectivity, linking the games at different online casinos so the prize pots can grow and grow to huge amounts.



Blackjack has always been a simple game. While there are a few variations of the game played in real casinos – for example, Brits will debate the difference between blackjack and pontoon – there are many more new variants at online casinos. Instead of overhauling the game in its entirety, games developers have decided to add special elements to blackjack. Consider, for example, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack. The legendary jockey has a few casino games based on his mercurial seven victories in one day at Royal Ascot back in 1996, but the blackjack game has a brilliant twist. You can place a side bet on trophy cards being dealt out, and you can win 7,777 x your bet. If you consider that most blackjack games pay odds of 3/2 on a winning blackjack hand, you can see why this is a gamechanger.

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