Classic rock act Marillion are coming to Brighton Dome this month

Off the back of their last album Fear peaking at number 4 in the UK charts and garnering praise as ‘a late-career renaissance’, perpetually off-the-radar rockers Marillion are set to return to the UK.

Due to hit the Brighton Dome on the 16 Apr, the classic Aylesbury rock band command respect with a forty-year career in the music business and a fan base that has funded their tours and music. It’s for this reason that Marillion have managed to stay free from traditional contractual arrangements that might’ve restricted their artistic expression for so long. They are a band that, thankfully, fit outside the box – a rarity – and that’s the way their fans like it.

This gig is the fourth date on their seven-day UK tour, which ends later in the month in Liverpool. And each show is set to be a treat: Marillion have built a reputation for ensuring their performances reflect their extraordinary dedication. With Fear revealing the political, the emotional and the melodic through their lyrics, fans can expect a band who have held their standards high for decade upon decade and who can be considered pioneers of music in many ways.

In all, it is sure to be a mesmeric explosion of the band’s recent music as well as tracks from their back catalogue, from the band who are still waving the flag for epic showmanship, for fan loyalty and for creative spirit in rock music. As well as chance for new fans to discover the secret of Marillion, and offer a glimpse into their 18-album back catalogue, it’s an invitation into a community fan base that broke the mould.

For more details and ticket information, click here.

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