Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus have announced to keep kid’s school journeys safe this autumn

Clean and safe: Brighton & Hove and Metrobus ready for the new school year

Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus will welcome children back to school next month with extra buses, dedicated school-only services and a scaled-up cleaning regime. “We are really pleased to welcome children back on our buses now that schools have reopened for everyone,” said Brighton & Hove and Metrobus’ Managing Director, Martin Harris. “Our top priority is to get children swiftly and safely to and from school and we’ve been doing everything possible to make sure our buses are clean and safe, in line with government guidance.

“Our cleaners have spent the past six months supercharging our cleaning regime, so that buses are cleaned up to five times a day using hospital grade products and our Health and Safety Team and Bus Supervisors have put in place social distancing. They’ve also been boarding buses politely asking people to wear face coverings, if they can.”

The bus company’s recent survey estimated that more than 90% of passengers who can wear face coverings are currently wearing them.

Mr Harris said the bus company had also worked alongside schools and local councils to anticipate and meet demand. “We are operating a comprehensive service for school children across our network. We are converting a number of regular bus journeys to be available to schoolchildren only, as well as adding many extra school buses.”

He said the company would keep a close eye on school journeys as the school term progressed and would make adjustments where needed. “In the meantime, before school starts, I encourage you to get your child’s busID (Brighton & Hove) or Child Keycard (Metrobus), or load tickets onto a phone, to avoid the queues and delays that social distancing will inevitably cause due to reduced capacity at our travel shops.”

What you need to know about school journeys

  • Additional services will run from Sun 30 Aug (Brighton & Hove) and Tues 1 Sept (Metrobus) to provide more capacity for social distancing and get children to school.
  • Capacity is limited on regular bus services to support social distancing. Capacities are advertised on the side of buses by the front door and on the bus company’s website.
  • Schoolchildren can still travel on regular buses, where they should follow social distancing and sit upstairs on double deck buses, if possible.
  • These capacity limits do not apply on ‘schoolchildren only’ services, where children will not mix with the general public. However, the rear-facing seats and seats within 2m of the driver will remain closed off and there is no standing on any buses, except bendy buses.
  • When travelling on ‘schoolchildren only’ services, children should sit in their school bubbles as defined by their school/Department for Education.
  • Schoolchildren only services will carry schoolchildren and students up to the age of 18 only.
  • Children aged 11 and over must wear a face covering, unless they are exempt. For more details, including exemptions, please click here. Brighton & Hove and Metrobus provide free Helping Hand exemption cards to those who would like one.
  • Brighton & Hove and Metrobus have reduced cash handling to minimise contact and do not offer change. Please consider alternatives to cash, e.g. downloading tickets to your BusID online/Child Keycard, or loading tickets on to your phone.
  • Details of all non-cash ways to pay for children’s journeys, including some new options, can be found here for Brighton & Hove and herefor Metrobus. You can renew your Brighton & Hove BusID online here.

If you do pay in cash, a change voucher will be given, which can be used on further journeys.

  • To find out more detailed information around ticket types, bus times and school buses, please check Brighton & Hove and Metrobus’ websites at and

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