Cleaning on the Cheap: Best Budget Robot Vacuums Under $300

These are the Best Budget Robot Vacuums You Can Find Under $300

Robot vacuums were once out of reach for the typical customer, but thankfully, that’s no longer the case. While some hybrid robot mops and vacuums with loads of tech features may cost north of $1,000, others remain pretty affordable. These bang-for-the-buck appliances may just be what you need to rid your floors of dust, hair, and debris on the daily.

Of course, don’t expect these robot vacuums to have all the bells and whistles of their more expensive siblings. They may not have app integration, LiDar, and self-emptying charging docks, but these robots can hold their own as far as cleaning capabilities are concerned.

If you’re looking for cheap robot vacuums, here are some of the best budget solutions of 2023.

Best Robot Vacuums Under $300

Our suggestions for the best affordable robot vacuums are shown below. These options are chosen not just for their reasonable pricing but also for their functionality and overall features.

Wyze Robot Vacuum

The cutting-edge LiDar mapping technology is often present in luxury models, but apparently, the Wyze Robot Vacuum did not get the memo. At $300, it is already self-charging, has powerful suction, multi-surface vacuuming, and app integration, which makes it one of the best for efficient cleaning.


  • Feature-packed
  • Easy to set up
  • Best for homes with pets
  • Allows setting of “no-go” zones
  • Quiet operation


  • May get stuck on cords and toys laying around
  • Default suction setting isn’t good enough
  • Only compatible with 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi

Yeedi Vac X Robot Vacuum

If most robot vacuums’ usual 2700Pa suction power doesn’t impress you, the Yeedy Vac X packs a more powerful punch. At 3000Pa, it is compact and powerful for a tiny house or apartment, sucking up dust and pet hair for 90 minutes. It already has visual mapping technology, an app and voice control, and upgrade options, including a self-emptying dock and mopping modular.


  • Surprisingly powerful suction
  • Works well on hardwood and carpets
  • Doesn’t get stuck often


  • May get glitchy at times
  • Needs to be emptied more frequently because of its smaller dustbin
  • Must only be set in well-lit rooms
  • iRobot Roomba 694

The Roomba 694 is armed with the basics but gets the job done. It only supports voice control and scheduled cleaning; however, make no mistake about it, it’s a workhorse around the house! The 694 can get loud sometimes, but if you can tolerate the noise at the expense of all the cleaning it can do, it’s definitely worth it.


  • Cleans very well, even carpets
  • Great at picking up hair
  • Low profile, allowing it to clean under furniture
  • App, Wi-fi, and bluetooth connection is a breeze


  • Loud
  • No navigation
  • When the battery runs out during a cleaning run, it can’t go back to the charging station.

Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11s Max

Probably the lowest suction power of the bunch at “only” 2000Pa, the BoostIQ 11s Max makes up for it through other things. It’s one of the slimmest, if not the slimmest robot, at only 2.85 inches. It runs for 100 minutes on a single charge and has a bevy of smart features for around $159. That’s not bad, considering the cleaning capabilities and intelligent technology you get. It’s truly the definition of bang for your buck!


  • Better cleaning capabilities than anyone would have thought
  • Very quiet
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass, infrared sensors, and automatic recharging
  • Even with daily use, the BoostIQ is a big energy saver.
  • Well-built and durable


  • Edge cleaning leaves a lot to be desired
  • May take a while before it makes its way to the charging base

OKP Life K2

You can find the OKP Life K2 on sale for almost 80%, which should be enough for anyone who’d like a starter robovac to pull the trigger. If you’re a pet owner and a sucker for clean floors, the Life K2 is an excellent option. It has a low profile at only 2.99 inches, has an app integration, voice control, and 100 minutes of run time. Its FreeMove Technology 2.0 is basically a 6D anti-collision system that allows the robot to clean efficiently.


  • Best for hardwood floors
  • Never gets stuck
  • Easily gets to places you can’t reach


  • App is a little iffy
  • Replacing the battery could be a hassle
  • Mapping is not the best

Are Robot Vacuums Worth the Money?

The robots listed above are all below $300, but let’s face it, every time you spend your hard-earned money, it has to be on something that solves a problem and makes your life easier. If it’s not, even paying $50 feels like wasting a million.

That being said, robot vacuums are worth every penny, especially for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time or is physically unable to. Using one takes a little getting used to, but as soon as you get the hang of it, a robot vacuum is a lifesaver.

Final Thoughts

Robot vacuums don’t have to be expensive. However, you should expect shortcomings in the form of cleaning capabilities, smart features, and other technology to keep the prices down. Every once in a while, you’d find a robotic vacuum cleaner that’s still worth it despite the perceived deficiencies.

The five robot vacuums mentioned above are all excellent examples of budget models that could hold their own. The Wyze Robot vacuum is equipped with LiDar technology for terrific mapping, while the Yeedy Vac X has suction power that can compete with the best. The Roomba 694 doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other models, but its cleaning capacity is top-notch.

Down the list are the Eufy 11s Max and the OKP Life K2. The 11s Max is also rife with intelligent features and is surprisingly sturdy. The Life K2 is not as popular as iRobot, Yeedi, or Eufy models, but you should consider it for its price alone.

At the end of the day, we all just want to live in a tidy, well-kept home. If you can find a robot vacuum that can help without hurting your bank account, that’s everything we can ask for.

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