Coffefix: Home of the £1 coffee

I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself; I usually opt for the mix of boring and highly pretentious teas that I have in my cupboard, from gentle Earl Grey and Peppermint to oriental Lapsang and Matcha Green Tea. On the other hand, for those days when no tea can cure my lethargy I do have the rare moment when I feel like getting my coffee fix on – but when I do, I like it from a filter pot and not from a complicated, whirring machine. Today, however, my taste buds were pleasantly surprised when they made contact with a steaming caffè latte from Coffefix.

I went to Coffefix without having much breakfast – or caffeine – because I wanted to fully appreciate all this coffee house had to offer. As I headed along Western Road, excited for my coffee, I could almost immediately make out the bold red banners of Coffefix unfurling in the breeze beside the impressive-looking white building.

As I approached this shining shop, I noticed signs emblazoned with special offers, a small area with outside seating, and a welcoming red door propped wide open by a heavy sack of Brazilian coffee beans. How authentic, I noted.

Walking into Coffefix was like walking into another world – a kind of coffee shop heaven if you will. A huge selection of £1 sandwiches, drinks and more filled the right-hand side, while a long, inviting counter piled high with various snacks, cakes and pastries stood at the front. Colourful Italian bicycles and fresh designs by London Contemporary artist Charlotte Posner decorated the walls, while the shop’s eye-catching red logo made sure it was spotted everywhere.


It was impossible to miss how spacious it was inside, the four giant wooden tables in the middle plus bar stool seating along the wall offered a simplistic and tranquil vibe – sans crowds and the anxiety of finding a seat. It’s safe to say that Coffefix’s airy, peaceful and amicable atmosphere could eradicate the usual flustered, agitated or lethargic temperament one might find in more common chain coffee houses.

Mulling over the vast choice of sandwiches and ciabattas, I decided on a cranberry and brie sandwich to go with a caffè latte. “Single or double shot?” asked a particularly friendly and cheerful member of staff. My single shot coffee (or should I say ‘Coffe’) really surprised me. Smooth and moreish, I could taste the intense rich flavours of African and Brazilian beans with every sip. The sandwich was also extremely delectable and moist, without becoming soggy. As I munched away, Coffefix saw a constant flow of people coming in to purchase their £1 goods, all leaving with subtle smiles.

Despite its newcomer status, Coffefix has clearly been very cost conscious and aware of the coffee addiction us Brits make no effort to hide, therefore creating a business which believes “delicious coffee shouldn’t cost the earth.” You can relish in the £1 prices whilst getting your Coffefix on, thus I would highly recommend checking out this uniquely pocket-friendly coffee house.

By Holly Pearson

142 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2LA

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