cost of living deals from Infinity foods

Cost of Living Deals from Infinity Foods

So we’re here in January, one of the coldest months with what feels like a really long wait for the next payday. Money is tight for everyone and the cost of living crisis is hitting us all hard.

With soaring heating, utility, and food bills rising we’re all looking for a way to save.

Food is just one of the many things we’re squeezing the purse strings on.

But how do we stay ethical and keep our concerns for the environment at the forefront while saving money? 

Infinity Foods cooperative,  has been making organic and natural vegetarian foods affordable for everyone for over 50 years. We have been doing our utmost to bring the best deals to you. 

Prices are rising, especially on food but Infinity Foods Cooperative has been working with some of our key suppliers and by both us and them cutting our margins we have produced a range of staples lines at incredible prices!

Welcome to our cost of living deals 

Some lines may have shorter dates and limited stock but we hope you will agree that there are some great deals on established best selling brands and products.

This January* we will have 30% off selected Meridian Nut butters in 1kg sizes.

Nut butters are a great way for vegetarians and vegans to get their protein easily. With a dollop in your healthy smoothie for breakfast, spread on wholemeal toast or made into nutritious bars they pack a punch with protein.

With January* being the start of Veganuary Infinity is helping two fold with the ethical company Minor Figures oat milks being 25% off on the everyday and light options – you can also order in a case of these and get a further 15% off when buying from our shop in bulk.

Stopping caffeine in January* as part of a health kick? We have Tick Tock organic Rooibos tea, a great caffeine free tea to keep you warm at 25% off.

And if you need a caffeine hit in the morning, keep it ethical and tasty with the Grumpy Mule rainforest alliance ground coffee at 25% off ( Brasil Dateera Sunrise ground coffee 227g) through January*

*offers will be applied from the 8th of January.

Please note: All Infinity retail Cost Of Living offers are available to Infinity Foods Wholesale customers nationwide and beyond.

As we want to reach/help as many people as possible in these difficult times.

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