Creating your Travel Bucket List for When Life Goes Back to Normal

If you’re the sort of restless soul who’s always travelling from place to place in search of new experiences, then the prospect of the next few weeks (and, in all probability, months) of enforced lockdown might be a difficult one to stomach.

For some of us, the time alone will force a realignment of priorities. You might decide that actually, travelling the world isn’t something you’d like to do, and that spending your time in the same space is actually more acceptable than you previously thought. But let’s face it, many of us are already starting to suffer the effects of being housebound – and by the time this is over, we’ll want to visit those distant and exotic locations more than ever.

The term ‘bucket list’ has been bandied around for decades, and was made especially famous by a film of the same name. It’s a list of the things you’d like to do before kicking the proverbial bucket. The seriousness of the current outbreak might have forced many of us to confront this idea less as a sort of whimsical excuse to do lots of fun things, and more of a serious consideration. Why not make the most of the time and funds which you have available until travel comes off hold again?

Consider package tours

If you want to visit far-flung and exotic places, but you’re unsure of the details of what is sure to be a difficult and challenging environment for tourists, then it may be worth looking at operators like Jules Verne, which offer trips to those sought-after locations like the Pacific. That way you’ll have peace of mind, as well as the prospect of the trip of a lifetime.

Where have you always wanted to go?

There’s no reason not to dream big when you’re making travel plans. Make a list of all the places you’ve wanted to go, whether it’s Disney World or the Himalayas. Pick a few from the list and start researching what the experience is actually like for travellers. To begin with, this will be formed entirely by emotion – it’s only later that you’ll be allowing your rational mind to have a say, so don’t be afraid to write down everything that takes your fancy. If you’re in search of inspiration, then you’ll find plenty of it from online travel bloggers and writers.

When can you go?

Given the unfolding nature of the pandemic, we can’t be sure when life will return to normal. International breaks might be out of the question for longer than domestic ones, and some countries might keep travel restrictions in place for much longer than others. Consequently, it’s worth prioritising what’s practical. If you’re planning a long-haul trip, then it might be worth delaying it in favour of a weekend or two somewhere more local. Be sure to keep an eye on the British government’s official travel advice.

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