Dan Whitehouse supports Boo Hewerdine at Komedia Brighton

Dan Whitehouse comes to Komedia Brighton on Tues 22 Nov as a very special guest on fellow singer-songwriter Boo Hewerdine’s UK tour.

Following the Introducing EP earlier this year, Whitehouse’s first long-play That’s Where I Belong echoes the experiences of a lifetime spent in Britain’s industrial heartland – Wolverhampton – albeit with a succinct detour in the 70s to Kathmandu and San Francisco. While trailing the magic bus among hippies appears to have influenced this modern day troubadour in the means of his style, his experience of travelling seems only to have deepened his love for his hometown and strengthened the certainty behind his lyrics (which those who have listened to Dan Whitehouse’s music before will know is what his music is really all about). Recorded between Reservoir Studios in London and Kyoti in Glasgow, the album was produced by both Chris Clarke, of The Rockingbirds fame, and Danny George Wilson (Danny & The Champions of the World).

For Whitehouse, songwriting is key, however his reflective lyrics and carefully constructed stories run perfectly parallel with his original take on modern folk and Americana. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Andrew Gold and Ry Cooder, you can expect a flurry of sounds from his set, serving as an excellent warm up to Boo Hewerdine. Some are calling his incredibly mix of genres Black Country Soul – we’ll let you make up your own mind.

Dan Whitehouse comes to Komedia Brighton to support fellow singer-songwriter Boo Hewerdine on Tues 22 Nov. Tickets available here.



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