Dance Active Review | The Brighton Centre | Sun 6 Dec

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Groups from across the city choreographed, rehearsed and polished dance pieces which were showcased at Brighton and Hove Dance Active on Sun 6 Dec. The event, delivered by the council’s Active For Life project, took place at the Brighton Centre Syndicate Wing and welcomed nearly 300 dancers and a packed audience.

Now in its fourth year the spectacle brought together the best of the city’s community dance groups. From Flamenco to Hip Hop, Contemporary to Belly Dancing and lots of other styles in between. There were 5 year old performers and an 80 year old belly dancer making the evening a truly intergenerational one. The audience were thrilled by the energetic moves, the colourful costumes and the enthusiastic performances.

Dance is experiencing a surge in popularity and the council’s Active for Life project, part of the public health team, has a history of delivering quality dance sessions and adapting to emerging trends. Dance and dance fitness is a fantastic way to keep active and the recent growth in dance participation nationally, and consequently locally, has seen the emergence of Brighton and Hove Dance Active as a key event in the council’s event calendar.

The event was compered by JP Omari, director of Streetfunk and the Marina Studios, who encouraged the audience and performers alike in his inimitable style. The Deputy Mayor of Brighton and Hove councillor Peter West was in attendance and congratulated all performers at the end of the evening.

All participating groups will be invited to perform on the dance stage at the launch event of Brighton & Hove’s annual TAKEPART Festival of Sport in 2016. This gives dancers the opportunity to perform at two major city-wide events.

For information about the work of the Active for Life project and other sport and physical activity opportunities call 01273 202724

Or visit the website:

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