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Datemakers – the one-stop shop for things to do for two

Datemakers is a different type of dating website. For a change, this website isn’t following in the steps of mainstream dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Instead of helping you find people, it helps you find the perfect date. One of the best things about Datemakers? It caters for everyone.

Say you’ve already found your significant other and have been happily coupled for years, in which case you are fully content spending your date nights just re-watching your favourite film and ordering a takeaway for a treat. But what you’re missing is that honeymoon phase excitement, where you ventured out further than the confines of your apartment and enjoyed each other’s company in a different setting.

Or say you are still very much single and spend your evenings swiping left and right in an attempt to find someone to have a honeymoon phase with. In which case you may want to switch things up and turn the usual “drinks” date we’ve all been on way too many times into something a little different – something a little more creative.

Whichever one of those scenarios you fit into, you can use Datemakers to your advantage. The website compiles a list of possible date ideas in Brighton, anything from salsa classes and painting lessons to escape rooms and massage masterclasses.

Datemakers boasts a hefty arsenal of boozy dates, foodie dates, active dates and creative dates to suit a wide range of interests. And did we mention they’re all in Brighton?

Prices range from as little as £12 to over £100 for the pair of you, so regardless of your budget, you’re bound to find a fun date that suits you. So if you feel like you’ve been stuck in a dating rut, don’t forget you’re only a few clicks away from making a change.

Visit: for a list of ideas and exciting dates to explore

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