Dear Esther Live at Brighton Dome

When the first person exploration video game Dear Esther came out in 2012, originally released by Brighton-based video game studio The Chinese Room, it was described as a landmark achievement attracting an interest from audiences of all ages.

Now, the Brighton Dome is hosting an immersive experience of the story. The performance will delve into the mysterious mind of a lone narrator as he travels through a bleak and desolate Scottish island. The landscape will be explored cinematically and electronically, being projected on a big screen and is entirely digital. Through the realistic imagery, the narrators words become shapely and even more substantial.

Through the transition of the work into a live performance,  a piano quintet and soprano are brought onto the stage further enhancing the experience. The musicians will adapt Dear Esther’s celebrated soundtrack, which was scored by BAFTA-winning and Brighton-based composer Jessica Curry (who currently hosts Classic FM’s High Score).

Dear Esther blurred the lines between interactive gaming, storytelling and digital artistry and will continue to do so in this live powerful and poetic performance at the Dome.

Find out more and get tickets here:

This will be coming to Brighton Dome on Fri 2 Feb  


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