Dear Serge creates a 1 day Mini Festival

Dear Serge, the free bi-monthly performance event at De La Warr Pavilion, Hastings will be taking a short hiatus after the upcoming Sunday Special.

Serge, which hosts a variety of live music, art and performances, has been described as a visual, auditory and experimental journey. The Sunday Special will house live music from Hypnotized, an intense and unpredictable visual band and Anneka Warburton, a Brighton based vocalist who has sampled everyday sounds from De La Warr for her set.

John Strutton and Riccardo Carbone are performers who have been making a series of drawings using an old wind-up gramophone to produce facsimiles of 7″ records. Digital artwork will be presented by Jamie Griffiths, a painting performance by Venetia Nevill, shadow work by Joan Alexander, a foley sound presentation by the Emmy nominated John Fewell and a live performance and workshop by Mary Hooper and Elise Liversedge about the legacy of Light Vessels.

Dear Serge starts at 11am on Sunday 15th Feb 2015. More details including performance times can be found at

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