Ferry crossing arts festival launches from Newhaven to Dieppe

Diephaven is a festival truly like no other: a festival that crosses the English Channel from Newhaven in East Sussex to Dieppe in northern France.

The festival began on 9 Jun in Dieppe, with the Newhaven end launching this weekend (1 Jul), and takes place all the way through the summer season until October.

This unique festival will be a spectacular showcase, immersing attendees in plenty of art and culture with a new title for this year: Terra Firma.

The theme will explore the relationship between the human and the landscape as its starting point, exploring the tensions between human designs and the autonomous forms of intelligence that reside in the natural and, more specifically, botanic world. Venues and events will vary from Still Life in a Chateau to a moving ferry where the Floating Garden will fascinate travellers whilst educating on the common wilderness of the Sussex and Normandy coastlines.

There’s enough going on in these four months to stimulate and enthral anyone who adventures on this journey.

For more information on Diephaven, click here.

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