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Disability Pride Brighton gets a hand from The Health Lottery

Disability Pride Brighton – the country’s biggest celebration for and by people with disabilities – is set to be even bigger when it returns on Sat 14 July thanks to a £37,820 grant from People’s Health Trust – using money raised through The Health Lottery.  The funding has been used to support disabled people to organise and deliver the event, ensuring that no-one is excluded from becoming actively involved.

Disability Pride Brighton is a celebration of the contribution disabled people make to community life and aims to promote inclusion and raise awareness for people with all disabilities – visible and invisible. There are a range of activities and performances by disabled people planned, including live music, street food, arts and comedy in the heart of Brighton.  Funding raised through The Health Lottery supports the volunteering and outreach programme to increase community involvement over two years. This funding means the project can be inclusive and access needs can be met to reduce barriers, enabling an open-minded space that allows everyone to interact, learn from, and understand one another. “I started Disability Pride Brighton after my daughter was the victim of disability discrimination,” said Disability Pride Brighton Founder, Jenny Skelton. “I don’t want others to have to experience this and so we created this all-inclusive event aimed at tackling the issue and empowering disabled people.  Thanks to money raised through The Health Lottery in the south east, we’ve been able to invite even more people to join our movement”

disability pride

Disability Pride will host live bands and acts, speakers, artists, a family picnic area, as well as stalls offering support and information to disabled people. “It is because of Disability Pride that I am able to be happy in my own body as a disabled person,” said Committee Member, Naomi. “It is because of Disability Pride and being part of the Committee that I am able to help speak for those disabled people who may be non-verbal or may not feel comfortable yet to speak for themselves. I feel like because of Disability Pride, I am able to have a place in society which can radically make changes to how disabled people are seen, not just in Brighton but all over the UK.” It’s an all-inclusive event that encourages everyone to participate, welcoming people from all backgrounds. There are no barriers, just an open-minded space that allows everyone to interact and learn from and understand one another.

Chris Lunn, The Health Lottery in the South East spokesperson said: “The funds raised through the Health Lottery in the south east are changing and improving lives.  It was clear that supporting Disability Pride Brighton to grow would have a great benefit to the community.  To date, over £100 million has been raised through The Health Lotteries for good causes across Great Britain and we hope to make even more for good causes when Health Lottery South East opens on 29 July 2018.”

Health Lottery South East is benefitting from Health Lottery tickets sold on Sun 29 July – Fri 31 Aug 2018. These can be also bought in in advance from Fri 10 July, via www.healthlottery.co.uk or from more than 32,000 local retailers including the Post Office, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons and WH Smith. From Sun 29 July, for every £1 entry into a weekly lottery draw the player is automatically gets an entry into one of a monthly mega raffle with a guaranteed prize of £250,000.

Disability Pride Brighton returns for the second time on Sat 14 July 2018.



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