Discover the Costa Cruises Travel Magazine

For the ultimate experience of reading, learning, and planning at ease, discover the Costs Cruises travel magazine.

Costa Cruise is a famous cruising company that operates as part of the Carnival Corporation and Plc group. Established in Italy, as part of the 70-years old conglomerate Costa Crociere Group, the cruise company currently has a fleet of 27 luxury cruise ships. With an approximate capacity of some 76,000 guests, the company operates cruise ships in many destinations across the world; including some of the most attractive Mediterranean, Northern European, Caribbean, Asian, and American locations. This is a company that proudly upholds its Italian heritage, and it’s the reason why it always goes the extra miles and doesn’t leave a single stone unturned to please its customers.

As part of its comprehensive approach to ensure the best-in-class comfort and services for its customers; the company also offers access to discover the Costa Cruises travel magazine online. It is a magazine offered under their list of attractive Costa Club facilities, a unique privilege in any cruise liners.

So, why should you take the time to discover the Costa Cruises travel magazine? Let’s find out the reasons below.

Detailed Descriptions of Destinations

As mentioned above, Costa Cruises offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to a great number of major destinations all around the world. They also have a plethora of hidden gem islands and beaches in their itineraries. While you might be aware of some of the most beautiful Greek islands, but, how much do you know about the Aeolian Islands? Considering the huge variety of their passengers with different backgrounds and interests, Costa Cruises aims to help its customers with detailed descriptions of each of their destinations. With an easy-to-read tonality, the blogs describe not only the top-rated attractions of these destinations but also have information about the most enjoyable activities and must-see things. Therefore, once the ship anchors in any of these locations, you know everything that you can do to make the most of your offshore excursions.


Tips and Tricks to Maximise the Enjoyment

Some people travel with their loved ones and some travel with their family, while there are also some who travel by themselves. Each cruise passengers have their own unique needs, their own preferences for food and wine, and whatnot. Moreover, each of the ships in their fleet is decorated with different themes and offers different types of wellness and entertainment facilities. With a view to enabling you to make an informed decision about your cruise, the travel magazine provides tips and tricks to maximise the enjoyment irrespective of the circumstances. The main categories include blogs about the feel of a cruise, food and wine, wellness & fitness, family, as well as the culture, leisure & trends.

In addition to offering the chance to discover the Costa Cruises travel magazine, the Costa Club members can also take advantage of facilities such as privileged departures, personalised services, and onboard check-ins, etc.

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