Duckie return with Border Force

Award-winning post-queer performers Duckie are not from your usual theatre collective. Blurring the lines between theatre, nightclub and arty show business, they create shows that channel and challenge the darker aspects of society.

Join Duckie at Brighton Dome for the follow-up to last year’s raucous Mods Vs Rockers event, as they challenge the idea of national identity. They will confront xenophobia and queer the borders in Border Force, an immersive disko-show about freedom of movement.

To coincide with Brighton Pride’s 25th birthday weekend, prepare for a trip around the globe where passports are purely potluck and there’s no clue where you might land. The Border Force is strict, corruption is rife and there’s no such thing as jeux sans frontiers. From spelling bees to Chinese ping pong champions, expect tongue-in-cheek challenges to allow freedom between the countries. There may even be a wedding or two!

Starring Amy Lamé as the Prime Minister and Dickie Beau as the Queen, plus a giant cast of fifty-five co-stars, get ready to experience food, booze and national performances from some surprise destinations. You’re even encouraged to dress for the occasion; from hitchhiker to heteronormative holidaymaker, the choice is yours.

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