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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Living: What Can You Do?

Looking to become more sustainable and eco-friendly in your daily life? It is fantastic to see so many people starting to make both big and small changes to their life in a bid to be more sustainable as when everyone pulls together it makes it much easier to achieve positive results. Here are a few lifestyle changes worth considering that will help you to play your part.

Eat More Sustainably

One of the most effective ways to reduce your impact is to eat more sustainably. It is understandable if people do not want to become a vegan, but at least cutting back on meat is a good idea. You should also buy local produce where possible to reduce food miles. Another great way to eat sustainably is to grow your own food – if you have space in your garden, you could use polytunnels that would allow you to grow fruit and veg almost all year round.

Change Clothing Habits

You should also consider your habits when it comes to buying new clothes. You should avoid fast fashion at all costs as this is a major contributor to environmental damage (not to mention expensive). Instead, you should look to buy (and sell) second-hand clothes online as this prevents waste and helps you to make massive savings. You should also try to buy online from brands that are sustainable.

Conserve Energy

Conserving energy is important for protecting the environment, but also to protect yourself against the skyrocketing cost of energy. There are small things that you can do around the home, such as lowering the temperature, switching off appliances when not in use and washing your clothes on a cold setting. A larger change would be to invest in solar panels for your home – although a cost upfront, you can make huge savings and protect yourself against rising energy costs while also creating your own clean energy to use at home.

Drive Less, Cycle More

You should also try to drive less as a way to reduce emissions (and save money during the fuel crisis). Instead, look to cycle (or walk) as a green form of transport and also one that is free and good for your health. If you need to use a car on a regular basis, it is worth looking at investing in an electric.


Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce your impact but something that many struggle with. Make sure that you know what can and cannot be recycled and make it easy for people in your home to recycle items.

Hopefully, this post will encourage you to make a few positive lifestyle changes so that you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your environmental impact.

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