Eek A Mouse came and conquered Brighton

Horizon Promotion brought the Jamaican reggae legend Eek A Mouse to the stage last Saturday night! Eek A Mouse is the stage name for the DJ artist, songwriter and music producer Ripton Hylton. From hits like ‘Ganja Smuggling’ to ‘Wa-Do-Dem’ this musician’s songs are always so catchy. Combining his signature vocal style called ‘sing jaying’ with his quality melodies and music, it still captures people’s attention and leaves them wanting more. 

The event was held at Chalk, a nightclub tucked away in the South Lanes of Brighton. This fairly new venue, once called the Haunt and I’m sure something else before that, is a great venue and has a bigger capacity than most clubs in Brighton. With great lighting across the club and two big bars that draw your eyes to the stage, it is a welcoming space to have a boogie. The atmosphere in the club was exciting whilst waiting for the performers. There was a great range of people who had come out to the event, which created a really friendly and fun vibe throughout. The Mafia & Fluxy Band, Little Roy, FreeDub Press and HeavyTone Hifi all brought a brilliant and eclectic mix of reggae, dub and Dancehall to the start of the night. 

This got the audience jumping, grooving and warmed up for the headlining act of the night, the infamous Eek A Mouse. 

The crowd got riled up, ready to start belting out the bangers as Eek A Mouse walked on stage. This music legend began to energetically sing an array of songs from his massive catalogue. Half way through he had a jazzy outfit change going from a sergeant pepper looking military outfit into a sparkling purple jacket and matching hat. Afterwards, the inevitable ‘bong-bong-billy-bong-bong’ Jamaican skatting started and he had the whole crowd singing along with him. This great energy continued as fans got on stage to dance with the performer and the band. The night drew to end with Eek A Mouse singing and skatting back and forth with the crowd as they tried to match his sound. What a fantastic way to end the show: pleasing and entertaining the fans with such a personal and intimate exchange.

A brilliant night of live reggae music – go if you can – you won’t regret it.

His tour continues and he’s next on at the Fox and Firkin in London May 6th. 

More dates and tickets available at:

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