Elevate your look with the help of a Stylist 

Are you tired of staring at a wardrobe full of clothes and feeling like you have nothing to wear? Do you want to exude confidence through your unique sense of style and taste? If this is something  you feel you need help with, then Georgina Davies aka Brighton  Stylist can help.  

Georgina has been a personal stylist in Brighton & Hove for the last 10 years and has helped hundreds of people to feel more confident in their style choices. She does this through wardrobe audits and personal shopping trips. She believes that looking stylish  is not just about following trends or spending a fortune on clothes;  it’s about embracing your individuality and expressing your personality through your clothing choices. Her services go beyond  simply picking out clothes – she’s here to guide you on a journey of  self-discovery, helping you uncover your own tastes and  preferences.  

Wardrobe Audits

Imagine opening your wardrobe and only seeing items that truly resonate with your style and flatter your colouring and body shape.  A wardrobe audit with Brighton Stylist is the first step towards  achieving that. Georgina works closely with her clients to assess  your existing clothing collection, helping you identify key pieces, any  gaps, hidden gems, and those items that no longer serve your style  goals. By streamlining your wardrobe, you’ll be left with a curated  selection that reflects your authentic self and makes getting dressed  a joyous experience every day. 

Personal Shopping Trips

Shopping trips with Georgina are fun and collaborative and she  takes into account your existing wardrobe and the gaps you are  looking to fill. No more coming home empty handed or disheartened  by having to return online orders. Often, just by buying a few key  items that are missing, you can create many more outfits which is  better for not only your bank balance but also the environment. 

Georgina has researched the shops for you and knows where all the best pieces are so this saves time. She is a firm believer that  you do not need to spend a fortune to look good and is also  passionate about pre loved clothing alongside new purchases. That  way you can create a fantastic wardrobe where your own taste  shines through that is unique to you. She will gently push you out of  your comfort zone and due to many of her clients working with her  for years, she continues to elevate and push their style potential. 

Find out more at brightonstylist.co.uk/ or contact Georgina by calling 07876 198 547 or emailing georgina.davies17@gmail.com

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