Emergency Poems to be prescribed at Jubilee Square to celebrate World Poetry Day

The world’s first mobile poetic first aid service will launch as part of World Poetry Day this month.

Taking place in Jubilee Square on Weds 21 March from 11am to 4pm, the Emergency Poet offers consultations and prescribes poems as cures.

Step inside the 1970s ambulance to find skulls, jars of eyeballs and other body parts as part of the ten-minute private poetic health consultation, where the Emergency Poet will prescribe patients with bespoke ’emergency poems’, verse or lyric to ail their literary aches and pains.

Meanwhile, Nurse Verse will be in the waiting room to dispense ‘poem-cetamols’ and other poetic pills and treatments from the poetry pharmacy. Passersby can also discuss any poetic ailments with Nurse Verse while the Emergency Poet is in session, for anyone who does not have time for a full consultation.

Emergency Poet is a mix of the serious, the therapeutic and the theatrical, and was conceived by poet and writer Deborah Alma as a fun and novel way of bringing poetry to people.

Emergency Poet comes to Jubilee Square on Wed 21 Mar, from 11am to 4pm.


Photo credit: Lee Allen Photography

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