English Disco Lovers bring Crazy P Soundsystem to Komedia

After yet another sell-out summer season, the English Disco Lovers Community Group are back at Brighton’s Komedia, for a firecracker of am event on Fireworks weekend!

Everyone at Disco Lovers Towers is hyped to have three true legends of UK House and Disco music returning to Brighton’s Komedia: Crazy P Sound System have been at the forefront of great club and festival performances for 15 years.

Along with ‘the P’, the English Disco Lovers will be bringing a friendly and up for it crowd their irrepressible mix of humour, inclusivity, and of course awesome classic disco and house music all night long.

Once again, they’ve nominated a worthy cause to support, and giving all our (biodegradable) Glitter Stall proceeds to the charity.

Want to get yourself in? Check out the tickets HERE

Check out the English disco Lovers Facebook, for more details and events HERE

English Disco Lovers and Crazy P Soundsystem come to Komedia on Sat 2 Nov 2019


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