Greg Wilson heads to Concorde 2

As we come into Brighton Fringe Festival, English Disco Lovers and Brighton Music Conference are welcoming legendary DJ, remixer and producer Greg Wilson plus guests. Coming to Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Fri 3 May, Wilson is one of the most prolific and celebrated British DJs of the past five decades

Launching his career back in 1975, this pioneer became the first DJ to mix on national UK television and was one of the stars of the electro-funk era. Initially retiring in 1984, he returned to much acclaim in 2003, picking up where he left off – dazzling audiences around the world with techniques and awe-inspiring selections. Constantly pusghing the genre forwards, he is adamant that to know the future, you must first understand the past.

Alongside Greg, the English Disco Lovers will be bringing you their irrepressible mix of humour, inclusivity, and great dance music, as well as a roster of top guest DJs and players! We’ll be joined by DJs from the Vinyl Friday Crew, BMC DJs, and in the Bar, Loft 55’s Alistair is making a welcome return to the decks.  We’ll see you out on the floor for some serious Bank Holiday fun.. 

Disco Love, Don’t Hate, Gyrate!

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English Disco Lovers and Brighton Music Conference present Greg Wilson, plus guests, at Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Fri 3 May 2024

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