Entertainment in Brighton: What You Can Get Up to in 2020

No matter how far the world advances, there’s always a need for fun and games. A break from the monotony and stress of work and everyday life. Fortunately, the entertainment industry continues to provide plenty of ways to have a good time. Brighton is no less happy to provide reasons to laugh, especially in the realm of entertainment. Whether you prefer solitary or social gaming, the city has plenty on offer. We all know that Brighton is well-renowned for its independent music scene – but what about other sectors of the entertainment business? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Mobile Entertainment

Anywhere the internet, and modern mobile tech, reaches you’ll find dozens of gaming opportunities in the palm of your hand. The top mobile games of 2020 await you on Google Play or the App Store. Popular choices include Fortnite, Pokémon GO, Clash of Clans, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition. There are some other interesting and less well-known choices, too. Rest in Pieces is Itatake’s atmospheric contribution, where you have to save the swinging porcelain figures of sleeping characters from being smashed by their worst nightmares.

Just like smartphones are designed with the right specs to handle the most demanding video games, providers of entertainment make sure their software is compatible with all kinds of handheld devices. Anyone familiar with the entertainment offered at some online casinos, for example, will know that players can have roulette or blackjack action streamed to their phones. The games are set up to purposefully allow not just direct but also immersive access. The result is that casino games that have long had digital versions have regained some of the personal touch found in land-based casinos. When it comes to films or TV, the portable nature of live streaming to smartphones is also evident: you could sit in a Brighton pub and play the whole of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix without a hitch. Of course, whether it’s casino games or films you’re streaming, the better the device the sharper the performance. Fortnite

Social Gaming After Lockdown

If you’re looking for a more social experience once lockdown is over, without being to close to one another, a great deal of this city’s gaming scene has a range of options. You could visit one or two of several Brighton venues featuring video gaming options alongside coffee, food, and drinks. At The World’s End bar, you can jump into a VR booth or play arcades with your friends, including a remote-controlled race track. Then there’s the Dice Saloon café (relocating to 88 London Road), focused more on tabletop entertainment – if you love board games and D&D action with your snack and cup of coffee, this is the place to be.

On that note, the ultimate group entertainment available almost everywhere today are escape rooms. The World’s End offers its own variety to test your wits, but it’s another Brighton name you should seek out for the best experience possible. The Top Escape Rooms Project is ranked Loot the Lanes’ first in the UK, and 67th worldwide. Value for money is a guarantee as you make your way through an environment dedicated to the city’s history and towards a legendary diamond you’re supposed to steal – for the greater good, of course.

Worlds End Brighton

Competitive Gaming

eSports is the pinnacle of the gaming industry. Not only is it a platform for the best players in the world to show their skills and win big, but any high-tech video game innovation worth its salt aims to one day be incorporated in an eSports tournament. In 2019, Esports Insider (ESI) invited representatives of the sector to a half-day conference alongside Develop: Brighton’s annual event for the gaming community. Since its inception in 2006, anyone around the world remotely involved with video games, from players to developers, add the conference to their calendar as a perfect place to make connections, play with cool new tech, and receive updates on the business.

While you wait to rub shoulders with around 3,000 of the industry’s brains and supporters, you could also experience some almost genuine pro gaming experience through the likes of PCBang. It’s among Brighton’s even more serious video game venues, offering a lot more than arcade booths. Equipped with the best hardware and titles on the market, they have everything you need to sink into a cosy chair and play to your heart’s content. Most importantly, they run special events and competitions to test your mettle.

And that’s not all Brighton has to offer. Beyond mobile and PC gaming, escape rooms, and conferences, there’s always something new to discover as the entertainment industry continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of tech and bringing fun-seekers together.

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