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Entry Requirements – Australia Travel Advice

You have finally decided to take the plunge and book your dream holiday to the beautiful country of Australia. While the excitement may carry you until your departure, Australia has stringent regulations for incoming tourists. 

Understanding the strict rules and regulations Australia has implemented for those hoping to visit the country will allow you to understand better which tourist visa is most suitable for you and help you answer questions like can I bring vape to Australia?

Initial Visa Requirements

Unless you are an Australian citizen, you must have a valid Australian visa to enter the country. The national government has implemented a scheme that allows New Zealand passport holders to apply for the appropriate visa upon arrival to the country.

However, all other passport holders, regardless of age and reasons for visit, will need to apply for a visa of some description before leaving their home country. 

Types of Travel Visas

There are multiple different visa types available for travelers to Australia. The correct visa will be decided based on various factors, including the length of your stay, your current passport, and the purpose of your visit.

Furthermore, all visa applicants will need to meet specific financial and medical requirements, apply for their visa outside of the country, and maintain a valid health insurance scheme for the duration of their stay. 

Electronic Travel Authority Visa

The electronic travel authority visa, or ETA, is a visa that allows you to visit Australia as many times as you want, for up to a year, and stay for three months at a time with each visit. This visa is available to passport holders from various countries and regions, all based outside of Australia. 

You will be allowed to enter Australia with an ETA if you hold an eligible passport, pass their health and character requirements, do not hold a criminal record, and have paid back any potential debt you may owe the Australian government. 

All applications must be done via the Australian ETA app, where an agent will assist you as needed. However, you must be physically present, as a live facial image will be required. 


An eVisitor visa is a free visa granted for multiple visits to Australia for tourism or specific business purposes for up to three months at a time over a 12-month period. This particular option is available to multiple European countries but cannot be extended past the one-year mark.

Visitor Visa

A visitor visa is the most common type of visa issued to travelers, as it is open to all nationalities. When obtaining it, you may visit Australia for tourism or specific business purposes. Applicants are typically granted a three-month stay but may be eligible for a 12-month visa length under certain circumstances. Unlike the eVisitor visa, a fee will need to be paid alongside an application. 

There are six different types of visitor visas from which to choose, all of which carry unique application requirements, costs, lengths of stay, and conditions. They include tourist stream visas, business visitors, approved destination status visitors, frequent travelers, and sponsored family members. 

Working Holiday Visa

Working holiday visas are offered to travelers between 18 and 30 who hold passports from the countries and regions participating in Australia’s Working Holiday Maker program. It allows you to stay in the country for a 12-month working holiday, allowing you to work and fund your Australian adventure. 

There are two types of visas to choose from, based on your country of residence. The subclass 462 visa carries education requirements, requires a letter of support from your government, and reflects evidence of functional English, while the subclass 417 visa does not possess these conditions. 

They allow you to stay and work in Australia, either in full-time, part-time, casual, or shift positions. Additionally, you can study for a maximum of four months alongside your employment. For those who are seeking permanent employment or full-time study in Australia, the working holiday visa will not be a suitable option. 

How to Apply

The application process largely depends on the type of visa you need. All ETA visas must be applied for via the official app, as this is the only route in which to complete the process successfully. For nearly all other visas, a profile on the official immigration platform will be required.

Be sure to submit your application well in advance of your travel date to allow enough time for processing and notification. You may be asked to submit additional information to support your case. 

While you will be notified in writing whether your tourist visa has been approved, the visa will be digitally linked to your passport, ready for travel.

Important Tips When Packing

Australia has one of the strictest customs borders in the world, with many regular items either heavily regulated or completely banned from entering the country. Items like cheese, butter, other dairy products, and spices must be declared upon arrival for further inspection, while rice, many types of sweets, dried fruits, and live plants are not permitted to enter the country. 

For vape users, it is vitally important to remember that it is illegal to buy, possess, or use liquid nicotine products in Australia without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Once this prescription has been obtained, you are permitted to travel with a three-month supply of liquid nicotine on your travels, which roughly equates to 500ml. 

You will also need to pack your vaping or e-cigarette device in your carry-on baggage, as the battery element is considered a potential fire risk and cannot be held in checked luggage. If you have not obtained the required prescription, your device will need to be empty or filled with a vape liquid free of nicotine. The penalty for carrying liquid nicotine without a valid prescription is up to $222,000. 

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