Dentist equipment

Equipment you need for your dental practice

Dentists are only as good as the instruments and equipment that they practice with, and whenever you have your own dental practice you need to have those dental supplies that will be able to help every single patient. But with so many options available in the world of dentistry, what equipment is going to be the best for your dental practice?

Here are some of the dental practice items that you need to equip your dental practices with, and once your office opens up you will be glad you had them!


If you want to ensure the safety of your patients as well as your staff, then you need to invest in a way to sterilize your dental equipment after a patient uses it. Autoclaves are an essential piece of equipment for all practices.

Autoclaves are steam sterilizers that are popular, easy to use, and don’t take too long to use. They rely on heat and time to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms on the instruments.

No matter which sterilization option you end up getting, you will need to get at least one and make sure you have the time and the knowledge to use it properly. They will make sure that your instruments and equipment are properly cleaned and ready for the next patient!

A Tooth Slooth

This might sound funny, but a tooth slooth is actually an important item in dentistry. It is a stick of plastic that can be used to test your mouth and teeth for specific types of cracks. If you have cracked teeth that are suspected by your dentists but haven’t been confirmed, a tooth slooth actually lets dentists measure the bite force on each of your teeth and determines whether or not a crack is present.

A tooth slooth is pretty cool for a simple piece of plastic, and it allows for cracked teeth to be detected and then either treated or repaired quickly. Because if a cracked tooth is left unattended and is not fixed, then big problems can occur for your patient’s mouth health! So invest in these instruments and see they live up to their sleuth name.

A Good Dental Delivery System

No, we don’t mean how your supplies get from their warehouses to you, but rather a dental delivery system. The system is the center for all the air and electric-powered handpieces and pieces of dental equipment, and it also gives you and your assistants easy access to all the instruments and equipment they need such as the handpieces, air and water syringes, vacuum suction and more. 

Most of them come in different designs and can even be mounted on wheels to be rolled around your office to make getting the supplies easier. They are a must have for any dental practice because they save time, and energy, and also allow for all the common dental items to be in one place and within easy reach!

Additionally, this comes with a dental compressor, which comes with pressurized air, water, and suction features that powers the handpieces and everything else that comes with your dental delivery systems. There are a ton of different sized compressors as well as compressors of different types, so make sure to do your research before fully picking one.

Dental Microscopes

Okay, you might think that a microscope is for doctors and scientists and any other field that isn’t dentistry! But a dental surgical microscope is able to provide increased magnification of the mouth you are working on, without forcing you to adopt an uncomfortable position or a position that is ergonomic. 

They can also be very helpful during operations by providing enhanced magnification that can be used for oral surgery, laser dentistry, curative procedures, and a collection of other clinical situations that require you to be up close and precise with your movements.

Get Some Of This Advanced Equipment

While you might only think you need handpieces, dental chairs, and dental scrubs to run a successful dental practice, you need a lot more than that in order to do so. Look for some of this advanced equipment because you will need it for your practice.

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