Ever heard of SLØTFACE? Well you have now.

Buy your tickets to see Sløtface live, right here.

Sometimes you really shouldn’t believe the hype – but not in this case. Norwegian hell-raisers, feminists and Eco-warriors SLØTFACE, fka SLUTFACE, have been breaking down barriers and making a name for themselves in the music scene over the last year, and with the release of their new single Take Me Dancing alongside a string of live shows across our island, they’re about ready to really hit the spotlight.

Following on from their politically charged debut EP Sponge State with a jaunty single about going out, getting drunk and going dancing, the band could be mistaken as your next carefree pop act, but don’t get the wrong end of the stick.

“Some people were sceptical of us releasing a song about dancing and getting drunk because they felt like it made us ‘less believable feminists’, but that is kind of the whole point of this song,” says vocalist Haley Shea. The message of being human and making mistakes but still standing for something is one that resonates strongly with their growing fandom.

The band’s discography speaks for itself, tracks such as Sponge State and it’s accompanying DIY, hand-held, documentary style music video which follows a group of young activists chaining themselves to Norway’s fjords, is both inspiring and exhilarating.  

“Sponge State’ is our term for the feeling that something needs to change,” Hayley told NME, The song is a reaction to the apathy and lack of action that is symptomatic of our generation,” and the music they’re making whilst wrapped up head-to-toe in scarves, hats and gloves on top of a glacier seems to reflect the urgency to do right by their principles.

Their sound is pop-punk and catchy with strong vocals is fairly reminiscent of a politically charged Paramore, but it seems there’s a new Hayley on the block, one who, with the rest of the band, don’t seem to be going anywhere but up anytime soon – whether that be the top of the mountains or the top of the charts.

SLØTFACE play Brighton’s Bleach on the 31st of October as headliners of BN1 Magazine’s Halloween special! 

So now you know all about Sløtface you can buy your tickets to see them live here.

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