Why you should go to EXIT Festival, in Serbia

The EXIT festival, situated in the city of Novi Sad, is held each year in what is described as an eighteenth century colossal Petrovaradin Fortress. Having started as a student-based movement that gave way to large protests, that ended an oppressive regime in Serbia, it is now celebrated as a place where hedonism meets activism.

But just why should you go to the EXIT Festival?

Firstly, there is an abundance of people performing at the festival. Since its inception in 2000, there have been world music stars hosted across more than thirty stages. (And that’s variety!)

People such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Grace Jones are also performing at this festival.

Asides from the EXIT Festival, there is also a lot of attractions situated within a close proximity; if you’re ever bored, there will always be something to do.

The Strand Beach is a city beach; it is only fifteen minutes away from the city’s centre, and twenty minutes from the Festival’s venue. What makes this even better is that the EXIT Festival has placed its camping area on it. Complete with warm weather in July, what could possibly go wrong?

And the food, the food! If you’re a foodie, this is the one for you.

There is a huge variety of food, including: “Indeks” sandwiches (a classical hallmark of Novi Sad); Street Pancakes; and a huge variety of restaurants. And don’t forget Rakija, as well as the cocktail scene…

Novi Sad is a city of culture, and the EXIT Festival is a small part of that. It is, in fact, a very literal cultured city; it has the titles of European Capital of culture (2021) and the European Youth Capital (2019.) What can you lose by going to the EXIT Festival?

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