South Downs Ranger

Experience The South Downs like never before

South Downs National Park is offering the chance to experience the iconic landscape through the eyes of a ranger.

The land rover tour, costing £60pp, starts at the awe-inspiring Seven Sisters cliffs with a pit stop picnic overlooking Deep Dean.

Real life rangers will be on hand to divulge their stories and information as participants take in the scenery and wildlife, seeing conversation activities live in action.

An option to visit the Long Man Brewery, who use local barley for their brewing, is also available.

The tour is part of The National English Park Experience and aims to promote tourism in areas like the South Downs.

The parks rivers were the inspiration for Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies in 1863 and are one of the worlds best chalk streams for fly-fishing.

Also calling the park home are some rare species such as the greater mouse-eared bat; after the last known English colony disappeared in 1985, a single male was found in the park in 2002 and returns every year.

Covering an incredible 1,600km2, The South Downs contributes to conserving biodiversity and cultural heritage, which would not be possible without the parks amazing rangers and all their hard work.

Available dates are Sat 31 Aug, Thurs 5 Sept, Fri 6 Sept and Sat 7 Sept but tickets are limited.

Tours start at 10am and finish at 2.15pm at Seaford Station.

Bookings can be made at

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