Exploring Brighton & Hove on a Sunny Winter Day.

As we are gradually moving into Spring and the sun is out more here is a list of 10 activities that can be done around Brighton & Hove.

Saddlescombe Farm: Newtimber Walk

Beautiful landscape and spectacular views are one of the reasons why you should visit Saddlescombe park this winter. If you are looking for something to fill the day with, this trail will take you through Devil’s Dyke and past Saddlescombe Donkey Wheel. Discover the wildlife rick surroundings while taking a trip down memory lane.

South Downs:Chattri War Memorial

The South Downs is a beautiful place to explore when the sun’s out by yourself or with the family. While there you can visit the famous Chattri war memorial which is located in a beautiful and peaceful area. The memorial was dedicated in the memory of the Indian soldiers who lost their life in the war. The Beautiful scenery with added historical content brings a great place for a day activity.

Nymans Garden: Nymans house or winter walk in Nymans woods

You can choose to explore the family home that once belonged to the Messel family or take a walk through Nymans woodlands. The house is now open throughout the winter and you will be able to see the array of antique textile and furniture. If your more for outside activities on the other had there is a trail set out so you can be a nature detective and discover historical landscapes.

Hove Lagoon

The lagoon is one of the famous natural attractions in Brighton & Hove. The lagoon is a large body of water that you can decide to indulge in water sports, relax or have a picnic. There are also a number of shops and kids park surrounding the lagoon if you want to make it a family day. You can also learn how to wakeboard and sail on this lagoon. It’s an excellent spot to be with family or friends.

Devil’s Dyke: Walking Trails

The Devil’s Dyke is the biggest chalkland dry combe in Britain. From the stone seats you can see the dramatic views north over the weald and south over the city towards the sea. There are various walk trials tailored for your individual interest. From exploring wildlife barrows to moderate circular walks, the area around Devil’s Dyke is perfect to enjoy views of the Sussex countryside.

Ditchling Beacon

A great hiking place which is also family friendly. Looking for something to fill a winter day with? The highest point of East Sussex is a place where many adventure activities and sporting events take place. The spot offers spectacular views of the surroundings. It is great for hiking, but you can also drive up to the very summit of the hill. The surroundings are a vast expanse of green landscape that stretches out for miles giving the place a peaceful feeling.

Brighton Palace Pier

The Brighton Pier is always a great place to relax no matter the weather. With lots to do for both children and adults from old fashion rides to the thrill-seeking rides. The pier is stocked with a variety of places to eat and drink. It’s a short distance to the seafront if you also fancy a walk down there. A great place to unwind and have uninterrupted fun.

Birling Gap and the Seven sisters

There is a number of activates that can be carried out at Birling gap. From walking through the crisp grass to scavenger hunts and fossil hunts that can be done down by the beach. While you’re there you could do a bit of bird watching looking out for the native Jackdaws, sparrows and festive robins with their bright red breast. Birling Gap is a great place to spend a relaxing day when the sun is out.

Brighton Beach

Taking a relaxing walk down Brighton beach on a sunny winter day is a great past time activity to do. If you have a day off and want some peace and quiet the sea front is the perfect location for you to enjoy the day. You can take a stroll down the park while also having a look into the little shops and galleries along the path. Regardless of the weather it’s a must visit place in Brighton.

Undercliff Walk

This route along the beach offers you great views of the sea, the towering overheads and the surrounding white cliffs. You have Rottingdean and Saltdean on one end, Ovingdean in the middle and the marina at the other end. It makes for an enjoyable and leisure day out compared to the hecticness the pier can bring. You can also explore the rock pools in the area. The under-cliff walk is accessible to wheelchair and pushchairs.






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