Eyes and Ears Brighton review STUFF. | Patterns | 20 Feb 2016

[metaslider id=35963]Playing a mere handful of four dates during their second visit to the UK, Brighton was blessed to be one of the select few, to what some may call a crime against crossing genre borders committed by Belgium band STUFF.

Ticket holders were keen to see some laws being broken as a good amount of bodies filled the basement of Patterns for early doors. Local band Seats, added to the bill only five days prior, eased us in with some Dream Pop Indie.

The evening’s centre fold band, Nicolas and the Saints, left me wondering if during the break I had unknowingly stepped into a different show. Half expecting a dozen tables, chairs, candles and a red velvet curtain to appear in what now had the feel of a Jazz club, the disjointed line up didn’t seem to unsettle the weekend listeners. Lead singer and guitarist Nick Lewis cleared the mist and explained his time spent residing in Brighton and his departure from the town he misses, was in fact the catalyst for the band’s most recent album ‘Years In The Making’. It became apparent the room was occupied partly by past acquaintances and old friends wanting to catch up with their returning mate. Never the less, the bands amalgamation of Jazz and Blues had the knees bending of new appreciators alike.

After a bizarre lead up, a glance of the bill topper’s SoundCloud could only prepare me for what was to come of STUFF. How else do you brace yourself for the anticipation of “a 5-headed instrumental cyclops that takes you through a journey of mashed up grooves and eclectic sounds”? In truth, the social media shadow did them no justice and had me pleasantly surprised. Supported by an energetic light show and neon back drop, Patterns was the perfect venue for the band performing a self named ‘Club Tour’.

The members, all facing each other, were set up on stage as though they’d been jammed into a rehearsal space hovering on a magic carpet of pedals and effects. Drummer Lander Ghyselinck would intermittently talk to the crowd in the only moments of silence, prestigiously planned, reminding us that “this is music to dance to”. EWI (electric wind instrument) and sax player Andrew Claes would check in on the admiring audience with his animated playing to ensure we were all still in the groove.

STUFF., as an entity, looked engrossed in creating this lone hybrid of their favourite genres and ran wild with it. Imagine an ideal marriage of acoustic and electric, sax and synths being played by musicians that are so intertwined and in sync, that you start to forget a world before this Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk crossbreed.

A door to a whole new world of STUFF. was politely held open by BN1 and we’ll definitely be calling again.


Words by Amy Forrester, Eyes and Ears Brighton www.facebook.com/eyesandearsbrighton

Check out a gallery of images from the gig below:

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Images by © Rosie Powell Freelance www.rosiepowellfreelance.com/

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