Factors That Influence Employee Productivity

Every employee should be a productive member of the workforce. However, that doesn’t change the fact that many workers out there choose to procrastinate and waste company time. If they’re not passionate and enthused about their job roles, chances are they’ll approach their professional responsibilities with a half-hearted effort.

However, the employer can step in this situation. There’re a few tactics and strategies that can be utilised that boost the efficiency of the workforce. But what are these influences? Are they hard to incorporate into the company?

Consequently, here’s 3 factors that undoubtedly influence employee productivity:

Work Bonuses
When more pay is on the line, employees undoubtedly put in more effort. If you’re well-aware that your workers aren’t completely enthralled by their jobs, offer those extra incentives to meet their targets and objectives. After all, this might just give them that extra jolt of motivation they need to get the job done or improve their performance.
If there’s room in the budget, try to explore this option. It’s more likely to create a more well-rounded, positive company culture instead of inducing fear and apprehension in the workforce. When you can get everyone onside and collectively enthused about their roles, the better results will follow.

Positive Feedback
It’s often the case that a boss will only get in touch with an employee when they’ve done something wrong. Try to eradicate that kind of dynamic as best you can, as it instils a sense of fear throughout the workplace and can actually cause a lag in productivity. Be friendly and encouraging, and you’ll find that your workers will want to work for reasons other than staying out of your crosshairs.
One way of doing this would be to regularly offer positive feedback. Informing people that they’re doing a good job will help them to discover a sense of pride in their work, or alternatively, rediscover it after many years on the job. They’ll feel important and appreciated; two key ingredients for someone who wants their job to feel meaningful.

Workplace Surroundings
A worker’s environment absolutely influences their scale of productivity. If they’re in a place they hate the look of or even feel isolated, then it can be the case that an employee’s quality of work suffers. Consequently, you should try to make sure that the surroundings in the workplace aren’t too overbearing, imposing or ugly to behold. They’re coming to work every day, so make them want to arrive and stay as best you can instead of begrudgingly showing up!

There’s a broad spectrum of what you could do here; from rearranging your office layout, redecorating everything if you’re not leasing, or moving to a new office entirely. Companies like Avison Young have experts that can dutifully advise you in all office real estate matters your business is facing. In the end, it’s best to make sure you’re running an agreeable place to work, and not a building most would dread to enter. Add some colour, some sociable break rooms, and perhaps keep desks closer together so workers can occasionally chat as they work; a productivity surge will likely stem from these changes.

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