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Family fun this half term at London Transport Museum: Women At Work

This half term, London invites families to embark on an educational journey through its vibrant galleries, celebrating the remarkable women who have revolutionised the transport and engineering sectors in the city. As we delve into history, we uncover the challenges faced by women in the 19th century, where job opportunities were scarce and underpaid, and the transport industry remained a distant dream for many.

Embark on a Creative Journey This Half Term at the Museum!

This half term, the museum transforms into a hub of creativity and learning for families, offering an array of activities that cater to children and adults alike. From the self-guided “Design a Sign” Family Trail to the hands-on “Transport Heroine Zine-Making Workshop,” there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Design Your Own Road Sign!

Daily, for children aged 5 and up, the museum invites budding designers to embark on the “Design a Sign” Self-Guided Family Trail. Inspired by Margaret Calvert’s iconic work from the 1950s, this activity encourages participants to explore the museum’s galleries, drawing inspiration from a plethora of signs, both historic and contemporary, to create their very own transport sign.

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Celebrate Transport Heroines

During weekdays, children aged 7+ can delve into the “Transport Heroine Zine-Making Workshop,” a 45-minute session that shines a light on nine influential women who played pivotal roles in shaping London’s transport system. From Helen Clifford, the first female bus mechanic at London Transport, to Susan Atyeo, the pioneering signal woman, and Margaret Okwanga, a notable Catering Supervisor, this workshop allows participants to craft a zine dedicated to their chosen transport heroine, contributing to a growing display within the museum or taking it home to share with friends and family.

Discover and Create with ‘Dare to Dream’

The museum also offers daily family-friendly guided tours and crafts in the new Global Poster Gallery, suitable for children aged 4+. Join Simran, a puppet character from one of the featured posters by contemporary artist Esther Cox, and explore the works of great female artists who have portrayed London through their art. After the tour, children can engage in crafting activities, creating a wheel of their favourite London highlights.

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Interactive Exhibits and Historic Vehicles

Don’t miss the chance to climb aboard historic vehicles, including the iconic red Routemaster and the vintage 1938 stock Tube train. The Future Engineers gallery offers a unique opportunity to ‘drive’ an Elizabeth line train, alongside various interactive exhibits designed to engage and educate.

Fun for Toddlers and Dining Options

The All Aboard playzone is specially designed for toddlers, featuring activities like playing bus conductor, repairing a mini Tube train, and exploring the ‘Lost Property Office’. For dining, the museum’s café bar, Canteen, offers a selection of tasty treats and a chance to relax with views over Covent Garden Piazza.

Memorable Mementos

Conclude your visit by browsing the museum shop, where you’ll find an exclusive range of transport-inspired toys, gifts, clothing, homeware, and vintage posters, perfect for commemorating a day filled with discovery and fun.

This half term, the museum is the place to be for families looking to combine education with entertainment, offering a rich tapestry of activities that celebrate the contributions of women to London’s transport history and inspire the next generation of creators and innovators.

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