Fashion Trends We Can Expect to See This Spring.

Fashion for men and women change so much that it is hard to keep up with popular trend’s. Here is a list of things to look out for in 2020 spring collections.

Mini bags

The small purses were  popular in the early 1900s and mostly carried by wealthy women as they were small and elegant. The mini grab bag’s are becoming increasingly popular. As shoe’s get larger and earring’s get wider it’s not much of a surprise that bags are now getting smaller. They are seen as a fashion statement. Do not worry If you cannot afford the high-end ones as countless amounts of affordable dupes can be shopped everywhere     

Crochet Clothing.

This is a trend that is coming  into fashion in this new decade. Things with a more handmade, homespun feel are starting to seem more precious as the decline for fast fashion continues. The craft in the past was something that was only done by your grandmother, but has now been turned into a fashionable apparel. Brands adopting this  trend include Stella Macartney and Kate Spade New York as well as high street brands such as New Look and H&M.


The neon craze has been in full force over the past two years and it does not look like its slowing down anytime soon.From  makeup to clothing and accessories we should expect this trend to be bigger and better this year. Neon showed up in collections from the likes of Carolina Herrera and Valentino for spring 2020. Neon is a bold fashion choice not all people are entirely comfortable with so you can always start with the smaller statement pieces like a bag.

                                                        Mom jeans 


Bringing the 90’s back with this trend. Pair these with a plain white tee and trainers for a casual look or heels and a crop top for a night look. About five years ago it was not a popular trend. They are the now popular straight cut jeans almost everyone has a pair of. People got tired of everything being skinny and high waisted and the mom jeans provided good cuts and stretch. Over the years the styling get more and more oversized. Mom jeans are now a staple in every closet. If you want to look at some of the latest brand options on the market or read up on the latest trend reviews, check out BrandRated and stay current!

Faux leather

Last year the faux leather trend was mostly for black trousers. This year the faux leather is back and better with a variety of different colours and clothing styles. Leather designs were once reserved for autumn and winter, but it the style  is set to make its mark in Spring this year. From skirts too dresses, you can not  go wrong with this trend. If you’re bored of jeans, a pair of paper bag waist trousers are just as stylish when paired with a top or cardigan.

 Cargo trousers

Originally Made for the military, these loose-fitting trousers have proved to be extremely Fashionable. These trousers are practical to wear and can be styled with almost anything to give it a street style feel. Over the year’s  they have become more fashionable and fit right into everyday styling. Cargo trousers can come baggy or have a slim fit to them.



 Chunky Shoes

From the pricier brands to the high street stores, no matter where you go to you are sure to find a nice pair of chunky trainers. The Fila disruptor & Yeezy wave runner 700 was the forefront of the chunky trainer trend and it’s not looking like the hype will die down any time soon. The style that is extremely popular today was once branded as ‘Dad’ shoes. These trainers stand out no matter what you pair them with.  They are now a high fashion statement for men.

Graphic T-shirts

Giving retro vibes these one-of-a-kind design graphic prints have returned in a more accessible and desirable way. No matter what year it is graphic tees are not going out of style. From faces of famous 90’s stars to your favourite bands; you can get a different style on these shirts. The graphic T-shirt’s have offered a simple way of adding identity to any look. To embrace the aesthetic of a graphic tee, it is best to stick with an oversized fit.



Bowling Shirt

This is another “dad style” that has been revamped and popularised. A new staple of men’s fashion turned from being unfashionable and only considered to be worn by middle-aged men. To provide an alternative way of creating a retro vibe for the shirt, brands have mixed up the traditional plain piece and implemented graphics as well as floral prints. the shirt can be styled with jeans or a nice pair of chinos depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Rugby Shirts.

Although this trend was not popular two years ago, it has shown an increase in popularity. Although it is associated with rugby, these trendy shirts now come in various patterns and designs that don’t resemble the traditional rugby shirts. It is a piece flexible enough to combat changing weather, perfect for all year wear. This shirt is easy to style and can go with pretty much anything. If you’re going for a simple look, you can pair them with jeans and a nice pair of trainers.


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