Fiery Foods UK present the Brighton Chilli Festival

The chilli industry is a diverse and wonderful place – make no mistake. Bigger, better and hotter than ever, FFUK offers live bands, spicy food from around the planet, fab cocktails, craft beers and some of the finest chilli products mankind can fashion. As well as showcasing all the amazing spicy companies and their products from around the world, FFUK also hosts the National and International Chilli Awards. With prizes for everything from the best chilli jam to best chilli farm, the festival sits firmly at the centre of this scorching hot industry. Previous visitors will know that the biggest attraction for the weekend is invariably the infamous FFUK Chilli-Eating Contests. Every year these keep getting hotter, with contestants trying to outdo each other by eating hotter and hotter peppers. This has to be seen to be believed.

Brighton Chilli Festival comes to Victoria Gardens on Sat 17 – Sun 18 Sept. Visit for more info.

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