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Fightback Brighton to praise grassroots venues with two-week festival

Lovers of live music we summon you, the Music Venue Trust has announced Fightback Brighton spanning in almost 20 venues and featuring over 150 shows. This music festival will take place on the Thurs 22 April and last till Sun 5 May – a fortnight of exciting new music sure to put a spotlight on these underground artists.

Fightback Brighton is a new campaign which has been launched to encourage people around the city to visit their local grassroots music venues and promote the artists who play there. This is to further boost the music scene around Brighton as well as giving some much-needed exposure to some of the live music venues some people may not know about.

Fightback’s Gary Prosser said: “These venues are the backbone of the live music scene in Brighton, providing spaces where artists can take their first steps, develop and grow. Fightback Brighton provides an opportunity to showcase the fantastic range of artists and venues that Brighton enjoys, celebrate the history of our music scene and support its future.” 

Participating venues include Concorde 2, Patterns, The Quadrant, The Old Market and Rialto Theatre. Some sites will also further support the Music Venue Trust by stocking Fightback lager, which will contribute to the organisation’s fund-raising campaign.

The lager is a craft beer developed within the grassroots music community. There will be a donation made to give financial support to the charity with every pint and can sold. As well as hosting the whopping 150 shows during the festival, there will also be a screening of the short film “Our Growing Silence” narrated by actor, Art Mailk.

The music festival offers the chance for audiences to discover new venues where they would be able to enjoy live music. It also offers the opportunity for artists to get their music heard by different audiences. All proceeds go towards supporting the work of Music Venue Trust aiming to protect local music venues.

Fightback Brighton is keen to interact with businesses across the city of Brighton to create a festival, which is unique and will unite the grassroots community. With more businesses involved with the event then there could be more money raised for the charity as well as more exposure for the artists which will be performing.

With 150 shows to choose from, there is more than enough to satisfy your music needs. Not only will you have great entertainment, but have the opportunity to contribute to the development of an up and coming artist.

For more information and listings for Fightback Brighton, visit their website.

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