Films coming to cinemas this September

BN1 Magazine’s monthly round up of the latest blockbusters coming to cinemas. Here is Septembers ‘what films to watch’ list…


Out now

Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen) directs this much anticipated third slab of violent vigilante action. Alongside Dakota Fanning, David Denman, Sonia Ammar, and Remo Girone, Denzel Washington plays the secretive Robert McCall. By day he’s quiet and unassuming, trying to get through at a menial job. By night, he’s America’s most dangerous pensioner.

This retired US Marine and former CIA operative has moved to Southern Italy, in an attempt to escape from his past. It’ll be no great surprise to discover his new circle of friends are under the control of the local Mafia. The following events turn horrifying, where Robert unleashes his past self and dishes out some bloody justice.


Fri 8 Sept

Starring Elena Kampouris, John Corbett, and Louis Mandylor, we get a welcome third helping of this classic romantic comedy franchise. Directed by Nia Vardalos, we call in again on the Portokalos family. They are now on a typically chaotic trip to Greece. 

Gus Portokalos has passed away, and his big wish was that the family go to the village in Greece where he was raised and connect with all their extended and delightfully colourful family. Fans can expect laughs, plenty of romance, family escapades, healthy servings of souvlaki and… just maybe… a wedding. After all, Ian and Toula’s daughter, Paris, is still single. Sounds promising.


Fri 8 Sept

Not everything is black and white. The ninth instalment in The Conjuring Universe franchise promises to be a spooky gothic affair. Starring scream queen Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story, The Bling Ring), Jonas Bloquet (Elle, Private Lessons). Bonnie Aarons (The Princess Diaries), Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell. It’s set four years after the ending of The Nun.

We’ve learned that Maurice had become possessed by the demon Valak, and that this somehow ties in with the impending death of a main character. So, now we follow Sister Irene as she once again confronts this nun-shaped evil force at a boarding school in France. Don’t go in alone.


Fri 15 Sept

Europe’s most picturesque city gets a supernatural treatment, when Kenneth ‘Chuckles’ Branagh returns as a certain iconic Belgian detective. Based on the 1969 novel Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie, this serves as a sequel to the enormously successful Death on the Nile. Joining Branagh is includes Kyle Allen (West Side Story, American Horror Story). Plus, Camille Cottin (Call My Agent, Killing Eve), Tina Fey and Michelle Yeoh.

In post-World War II Venice, Poirot, now retired and voluntarily living in exile, reluctantly attends a séance. But when one of the guests is murdered, it is up to the former detective to uncover the killer in his inimitable style.


Fri 22 Sept

A new generation joins the world’s top action stars for one more adrenaline-fueled adventure. Armed with every weapon they can get their hands on and the skills to use them, The Expendables are the world’s last line of defence – and the team who gets called when all other options are off the table. 

Starring*deep breath* Jason Statham, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Randy Couture, Jacob Scipio, Levy Tran, Andy Garcia and Sylvester Stallone, a selection of new recruits will bring in different styles and tactics. This’ll give ‘new blood’ a whole new meaning, and the franchise will be pushed to even more spectacular levels.


Fri 29 Sept

John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back, in the most chilling instalment of this gruesome horror franchise yet. We get to explore the untold chapter of Jigsaw’s most personal game. 

Set between the events of the first two films, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer. But he realises the entire operation is a scam to defraud the vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, John returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature visceral way through a series of ingenious and terrifying traps.


Fri 29 Sept 

From writer/director Gareth Edwards (Rogue One, Godzilla) comes an epic sci-fi action thriller set amidst a future war. Joshua (ohn David Washington) is a hardened ex-special forces agent grieving the disappearance of his wife (Gemma Chan). He’s recruited to hunt down and kill the Creator, the elusive architect of advanced AI who has developed the power to end the war and eradicate humankind. 

Joshua and his team of elite operatives journey across the battle- lines, into the dark heart of enemy occupied territory… only to discover the world-ending weapon he’s been instructed to destroy is an AI in the form of a young child. TWIST!


Fri 29 Sept

When a magical meteor crash lands in Adventure City, it gives the PAW Patrol pups superpowers, transforming them into the Mighty Pups! Featuring the voices of Mckenna Grace, Taraji P. Henson, Marsai Martin, Christian Convery, Kim Kardashian and Chris Rock, Cal Brunker directs this all-action animated sequal.

For Skye, the smallest member of the team, her new powers are a dream come true. But things take a turn for the worse when an old nemesis breaks out of jail and attempts to steal the powers. With the fate of everyone hanging in the balance, the Mighty Pups must stop some new supervillains, and Skye learns that even the smallest pup makes the biggest difference.

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