Finding The Right Student Job For You

Being a student, regardless of the infamous student loan, can turn out to be extremely expensive. From tuition and accommodation, through to resources needed such as books and a laptop, the outgoings quickly begin to add up. More students are now turning to employment to help them handle costs along the way, but it can prove challenging finding the right opportunity. In a recent study it was discovered that 67% of students have a part time job, so getting the right job is important.

Our advice will definitely be extremely useful, no matter where you are based, even outside of London. Although it must be said that in bustling cities it is an easier proposition; with for example, the range and number of jobs in Liverpool found on sites like Jobrapido being relatively huge when compared to ‘quieter’ places.

So, here are some epic tips for everyone. The first relates to finances. It’s no use looking for a job until you know how much you need to earn to both cover outgoings, and, of course, to live. Once you’ve worked out how much you need to make, you can then look to plot your assault on the job market.

As well as having your outgoings to hand as a student, another weapon in your arsenal is your schedule. For any student, a job must fit around their schedule, a program which takes lectures, revision and everything else into account. While earning money will prove to be crucial, it should never be at the expense of being successful in obtaining a degree.

Speaking of degrees, something which will be very advantageous is if you’re able to find a job which compliments what you’re studying. While many students will opt for casual work in bars or retail, some will be able to find opportunities to get some experience in the field they’re looking to have a career in once they’ve earned their degree. It’s undoubtedly advantageous and something we recommend you trying to do, as it will look fantastic on your CV, while also standing you in good stead for when you kick start your career in full.

With all the above considered, you should be well on your way to being able to find the job which is right for you and your circumstances. As a starting point, it may be useful to check out the university careers service. While it should only ever be a starting point, the university careers service will ensure you’re fully prepared to go out and find work, and you’ll also get a few useful pointers along the way.

From there, you’re going to have to put in the effort if you want to find the right opportunity, using the internet to search on useful platforms for vacancies or job fairs. It’s also more than worth considering getting yourself out there in the real world too. If you have an idea of the industry or companies you would like to work for, there’s no harm in visiting them to ask if they’re hiring.

This approach will require you to prepare a cv that looks professional, and don’t forget you can also tailor a cv to suit the industry in which your potential new employers belong. By putting in the effort, you’ll eventually reap the rewards, and our tips should help to put you on that path too.

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