First glimpse of Brighton Festival – David Shrigley’s Life Model II

Head down to Fabrica this weekend to catch the first glimpse of Brighton Festival 2018, with David Shrigley’s interactive installation Life Model II launching on Sat 14 Apr.

Life Model II upends preconceptions about the traditional life drawing class, transforming Fabrica into a classroom, and replacing the use of a live model with a caricatured robotic sculpture of a blinking nine-foot-tall woman. Visitors are invited to sit, observe and draw the model using provided materials, with the resulting artworks displayed as part of the unique exhibition.

David Shrigley says: ‘Life Model II is an artwork that begets other artwork. There’s the three-dimensional work of the life model – a sculpture of somebody trying to stand still (which is a good thing to make a sculpture of when you think about it). And there’s the two-dimensional work which is made by the visitors to the exhibition. It’s a piece about drawing, it’s a piece about everybody being included, about participating and making an exhibition yourself.’

Brighton Festival 2018 Guest Director, David Shrigley is best known for his illustrations that satirically comment on everyday life. Life Model II is a follow up to Shrigley’s original Life Model, the Turner Prize-nominated installation by the same name. His animations, which accompany the installation, bring to life their quick-witted narratives. Shrigley is the first visual artist to take on the role of Guest Director since the inaugural Guest Director, Anish Kapoor in 2009.

David Shrigley explains: “I showed the original incarnation of the work in the Turner prize show because I thought that people see the arts, and visual art in particular, as being elitist and inaccessible. I suppose that’s what the piece is about, that art is for everybody, and that making art is also for everybody as well. It’s a therapeutic thing, it’s something that can make you happy. For some reason, in terms of our education, the majority of us are dissuaded from making art. When we go into adulthood we stop making it when we’re about 10-years-old because we think we’re not good at a drawing, but I guess I’m a person who has built a career around not demonstrating many craft skills. Life Model for me is some kind of redress, and there’s something positive and joyful in that redress.”

Widely admired by the art world and public alike, David Shrigley works across a range of media including sculpture, large-scale installation, animation, painting, illustration, photography and collaborative music projects. His offbeat take is reflected in the Festivals’ eclectic programme spanning music, theatre, dance, visual art, film, literature and debate.

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