FItness Classes to try now in Brighton

With so many gym and fitness centres around Brighton and Hove, there is a vast number of classes you can choose to partake in. Whether you prefer an intense exercise/ fitness class or a lower intensity one there is something available for everyone. Here is a list of some of the class’s worth checking out.

Fitness First:  Spin Class 

Spin is a great way to burn calories regardless of your fitness level. Using indoor stationary bikes to focus on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days) and recovery. Spin is a great high intensity, low impact workout that anyone can do set at their own pace. Spinning puts far less pressure on your knees than other traditional cardio alternatives. With the ability to work hard on a Spinner bike without hurting your knees, you can work on results without fearing potential injuries. When in need of a challenging workout, innovative equipment, or a flat-out fun experience, look to Spinning


The F stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and hit style workouts geared towards everyday movement. Functional training is the engagement in exercise that mimic or recreate everyday movement. These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and various muscle groups. With a mix of cardio and resistance training that will put your strength and endurance through the ultimate challenge. The workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body to help you move and feel stronger. 45 minutes is the total amount of time for sweat dripping, heart pumping fun.

Check them out Here

The Row Room: Row Ritual

Think spin but on a rower! 25 minutes of rowing with low to high intensity intervals. It will help improve the strength and tone of your core muscles. The rowing machine is the only piece of indoor fitness equipment that gives you a full body workout. Unlike other exercises, rowing requires your upper and lower body to work in equal measures to perform a full stroke. Rowing burns 600- 1,000 calories per hour, making it a highly effective exercise. Rowing machines are an excellent choice for endurance training as it stimulates and strengthens the heart and lungs, helping you along in your fitness journey.


Brighton Kettlebells: Kettlebell Classes.

The class consists of a dynamic warm up, all foundation kettlebell exercises and bodyweight exercises. There are three different class levels from beginner to advanced levels so you can work at your own pace. The Kettlebell is a great weight to lift if you do not want to build too much muscle. what’s special about a kettlebell compared to dumbbells? A kettlebell’s weight is not distributed evenly like it is with dumbbells. This creates the need to counterbalance and stabilize your body during kettlebell exercises, which are amazing for core strength, balance, and coordination.

Brighton Outdoor Fitness Park

These classes are excellent if you are short on time. They offer bootcamp and over 25 outdoor fitness classes per week. Some of the classes include HIIT sessions, Strength circuits, Run specials and much more. The low impact classes help you restart your fitness gently. Hard-hitting but fun fitness classes for all abilities in a friendly atmosphere with lots of motivation and technique instruction. The classes provided are for all abilities with 2 different categories: Low intensity (Yellow) and High intensity (Green).

Check them out here.

The Choi Foundation: Martial Art & Self-Defence Classes

Martial arts are the perfect catalyst for getting the most out of life physically, mentally, and spiritually. It teaches you to discipline yourself when it comes to making decisions on nutrition, rest, and recovery.  The classes are friendly and non-competitive you will enjoy a healthy, productive and effective Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts program that will tone, condition and strengthen your body from head to toe. As you learn to protect yourself, you’ll be enhancing your health and wellbeing while shedding some unwanted weight or reach a desired fitness goal

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