best game apps 2018

Five best game apps of 2018 – ranked

Geocaching 4.8best game apps 2018

Join the largest treasure-hunting community
on the planet, in discovery of millions of hidden geocaches around the globe navigated by the app’s instructions, map, compass and hints and tips. Find out if there is some near you right now.

Available on Google Play, iOS and Android.


Monument Valley 4.4best game apps 2018

Monument Valley is a stunning, intricately designed world that paths a silent princess through enigmatic monuments, surreal architecture, unfolding paths that truly defies gravity. 

Available on Google Play, iOS and Android.


Clash of Clans  4.7best game apps 2018

Build your own empire and compete in wars with millions of players worldwide. Travel to a
world where you defend your clan by learning spells, fight against the Goblin King, train your troops and earn magical items.

Available on Google Play, iOS and Android.

HQ Trivia  4.4best game apps 2018

Imagine a live, trivia game show where you can earn real money (a pub quiz, minus the pub, that I could be sober for and stand a chance of winning?) This daily game is hosted by special cel
ebrity guests such as Robert De Niro, The Rock, Ice Cube and many more
. Whatever your level of knowledge and interest, the questions from easy to hard to savage means this app surely makes it to our list.

Available on Google Play, i
OS and Android.


The Room: Old Sins  4.9
best game apps 2018

BAFTA winner for the British Academy games award, The Room is a must-try 3D puzzle adventure with the most impressive graphics seen on a mobile devi

ce and a mind-bending journey so
lving mysteries.

Also available: The Room: Pocket, The Room: 2, The Room: 3

Available on Google Play, iOS and Android.

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