Five Sussex-based artists to watch in 2019

KID SQUID ILLUSTRATION / @kidsquidillustration


Kid Squid is the brainchild of self-taught illustrator Kara Burke, who creates beautifully macabre semi-realist pieces from a combination of pen, ink, pencil and watercolour. Her vast repertoire of natural history and anatomical illustration works produced over the last few years have paved the way for other projects, including animal portraiture, album artwork and editorial work, having provided pieces for Brighton-based LGBTQ+ magazine Stemme. She’s exhibiting at Conclave Brighton until Thurs 4 April – check out her work for yourself.

LOIS O’HARA / Instagram: @loisohara

Despite only graduating from university a little over a year ago, Brighton based artist and designer Lois O’Hara has already started making a name for herself in the art industry. You may have seen her wavy, vibrant and innovative creations across the city, whether it be the UK’s first basketball art court or the roof terraces at Patterns and creative co-working space The Projects. Her art perfectly reflects her interest in fluidity and movement and, thanks to her usage of bright happy colours, captures her positive outlook on life as well.

LIAM CARVER / Instagram: @liamcarverart

West Sussex-based 26-year-old Liam Carver uses pointillist techniques to create stunning monochrome minimalist pieces which are essential for any space crying out for some art. The illustrator’s work primarily focuses on nature, shapes and outer space, each tiny dot part of something far more complex and magical. What initially started as a hobby for the artist quickly became a full-time job thanks to the commissions he has received – both within the UK and around the world – after sharing his work on Instagram and gaining a following.

MARCELLO VELHO / Instagram: @marcello_velho

Marcello Velho is a Brighton based artist who not only paints but works on pattern design and magazine covers too. His usage of bright colours and big hard brushes on the canvas has caught the eye of design brands such as New York artisanal home décor specialists AELFIE, who commissioned him bedding set for their upcoming line.

Instagram: @charlotte_winifred_guerard

French-born and Brighton based artist Charlotte Guérard is currently studying fine art painting at the University of Brighton. She previously sold her paintings at a fundraiser event organised by her and her coursemates and now she’s working on her next show on the 1 February at Brighton Grand Parade, followed by another show this summer in Brighton.

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