Fly Sonata

Fly Sonata – EP Preview

Soulful, rhythmic and head-nodding are just a few of the descriptors you could use to describe Fly Sonata, an up and coming Brighton based band bringing a twist to a familiar sound.

Juxtaposing upbeat electro jazz music accompanied with a deep bass sound and a voice akin to that of Amy Winehouse, this unexpected combo of genres makes for ambient listening you can enjoy both at the beginning of a house party or in the bath. Lead singer Tuala has crafted her lyricism in her own original way, percussion accompanied by a soulful edge.

The self titled EP features tracks which bring the stories, memories and concepts from the lead’s life to instantly get you hooked on the personalised sound and lyrics. From the EP, ‘Bloom’ features the same future soul crossed with hip hop beats that you’d expect from the group, the drums, baselines, vocals and a plethora of other instruments making an introduction intertwine to create a swing that hooks you in to a warped sense of nostalgia; it feels like you’ve heard this before – but you really haven’t.

‘This Place’ begins at a different pace compared to the others, the vocals are isolated with just a few accompaniments which compliment the voice and set the tone for the song; then the intensity gradually increases and decreases upon the choruses. Speaking works of empowerment along with electric guitar and low bass tones really set the scene for a rebellious message of overcoming your own trials.

The titled EP releases very soon, so keep an eye out to discover more of a unique hybrid genre, and to see where the industry takes this promising up and coming production.

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