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Food challenges to take part in across Brighton & Hove

A food challenge, something so ridiculous yet so alluring; all sorts of people are drawn from around the world for what’s considered to be an impossible challenge. Since Man vs Food rose to prominence, the world has since been encapsulated in all things related to a food challenge and Brighton has since followed this trend. The following challenges are considered to be the best… sorry, what am I saying, I mean the most strenuous, challenging and excruciating challenges in Brighton.

5) THE YATES MAN VS FOOD CHALLENGE In what is simply described as a Huge Burger + Pint of Carlsberg, JSES, Strongbow or Ale. The mysterious nature of this challenge is what makes it all the more interesting I guess. You are given a healthy time limit of 60 minutes and anyone who attempts the challenge will win a free Man V. Food t-shirt. A burger, a pint and… a t-shirt, not too shabby.

4) THE I360 BURGER CHALLENGE AT SMOKEY’S BRIGHTON The might of the i360 burger has conquered many people. Their minds have been infiltrated by the kilo and a half of beef, a substantial amount of pulled pork, fries, onion rings and coleslaw, and many have not been able to live a normal life after attempting to consume it. This is a pure monstrosity that could play on your mind for a long, long time. Beaten by a burger, who gets beaten by a burger? You have 60 minutes to complete this challenge and if you do, you get a free meal and well-earned respect from your surrounding diners.

3) THE STEAK CHALLENGE AT THE OLD BANK STEAK & RIBS Over 2kg of rump steak, as well as chips, must be eaten in under 45 minutes, otherwise you must pay for this mammoth meal. If you’re faced with this ultimatum the meal would cost you £79.95, of which all proceeds go to the Rockinghorse Appeal, a local Sussex charity dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children. With the current record time set at just 26 minutes, this challenge can therefore be beaten, but don’t underestimate it. More competitors have fallen to the might of this challenge than they have triumphed over it.

2) TRIPLE CHILLI CHALLENGE AT MEATLIQUOR A green chilli cheeseburger, a chilli dog and chilli cheese fries. Oh, so not that bad then? Well that’s where you’re wrong. The most challenging aspect of this is the time limit which is just ten minutes! That’s right, three meals have to be eaten in just ten minutes. Good luck to you.

1) XXX CHILLI BURGER CHALLENGE AT BURGER OFF Claimed to be the spiciest burger in the world, measuring at 9.2 million on the Scoville heat scale, the notorious XXX Chilli Burger has well earned its place on this list. Having been known to send people into agonising pain after just one bite, this burger is a terror in the night. It previously sent two journalists to hospital in 2014 and I imagine it’s still likely to have the same impact to this day. You must be over 18 to purchase this burger and in addition, you must sign a legal disclaimer to prevent the owner from being sued. The talk around this nightmare of a meal has undoubtedly solidified its status as being the hardest food challenge in Brighton, and maybe even the UK… actually, make that the universe.

Honourable mentions

  • ‘Duel’ Chicken Wing Challenge at Lost Boys Chicken (The Joker): 10 wings laced in double shadow sauce and rolled in a ‘crazy’ hot reaper chilli flake crumb – £9.50. A house t-shirt awaits all worthy winners.
  • The Bok Shop’s Wing Wednesday: For £15, eat all the wings you can with the aim of being on the winners’ board. The record currently stands at 64 – will you be the one to break it?

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