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Four Good Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Although you may be tempted to head to your local car dealership and look at all of the shiny new models available there, it is often a false economy to lease or buy a brand new car rather than purchasing a second-hand one. You will often end up spending much more money on a brand new vehicle than you would have done had you invested in a second-hand one instead even if the initial expenditure seems similar. Read on to find out why many drivers prefer to go to the second-hand market for cars today rather than to purchase anew.

More Choice

To begin with, there are many more options when you start searching within the second-hand car market. Because car dealerships only sell the latest models, it is not usually possible to choose from those that have been discontinued. Even in a modestly sized city, such as Brighton, there is much more choice when you turn to private sellers and second-hand dealers than there is with brand-new vehicles in the showroom. When choosing car dealers always go for the ones that offer you a warranty on the cars that they sell. KAP Motors is one such used car dealer that only sells cars after they have undergone a rigorous pre-inspection test. This is done to ensure that every part of the vehicle is in smooth working condition and to ensure that the buyer gets what they are paying for. You can choose from a wide variety of cars and book a Peugeot, Renault, Ford or used Nissan Qashqai Connecta Online in Brighton from KAP Motors or call them at 01273 748484 to know more in detail about their services.

Buy Something Bigger

When you buy a second-hand vehicle, you can get a much more prestigious or larger car for your money than you would be able to when slashing out on a new model. Because second-hand cars are always cheaper than new ones – unless you are talking about specific vintage models, that is – you can afford to buy something that bit more extravagant.

Less Depreciation

Used cars undeniably depreciate over time. However, second-hand cars lose less money in the long run because the greatest depreciation you get with any sort of vehicle is when it has initially been registered with its first owner. Sometimes this initial loss in value can run into thousands of pounds depending on the model concerned. In other words, if you plan to sell your car down the line and buy a newer one, then it is better to have driven a second-hand car for a few years as opposed to a new model.


You might find yourself in a position where your car has been written off? Your insurance premium pay out might give you an opportunity to go for a used car that gives you more ‘bang for your buck’. It’s worth looking at all your options and benefits, including talking to your local dealerships and insurance broker.

Lower Insurance Premiums

In many cases, because a second-hand car has a lower average value, it will be cheaper to insure. In the opinion of Irish company TheAA Insurance, most insurance companies base their premiums on several factors. One of the most important is how much the car would cost to replace completely if it were to be written off. In such circumstances, a used car is always likely to be preferable for keeping your onward motoring costs as low as possible.

With so many benefits, it seems that buying a second-hand car seems a much wiser choice as compared to buying first hand.

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