Frankenstein at The Spire

After wowing sell-out crowds with Dracula, TRUESTORY Theatre returns to The Spire this Halloween with an electrifying new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s timeless gothic masterpiece, Frankenstein. With TRUESTORY’s fearless and visual style, this faithful retelling explores obsession, creation and compassion, while asking what it is to be human in an ever more confusing world.

This haunting tale is brought to life in an old, somewhat forgotten church on the edges of the city, and the show, tailor made for the venue, uses the whole building almost as an extra member of the cast. The backdrop is a magnificent stained-glass window, and the alter and pulpit serve as the set. Whilst churches are getting used less and less, people still like to congregate, and creative shows such as this encourage people to come together and celebrate such buildings as much as the performance itself.

This celebration begins as soon as you walk in to the venue and find yourself immediately immersed in the play. It takes place all around you so, as the viewer, you don’t just feel engrossed, but actually involved with the story.

TRUESTORY’s secret weapon is their artistic director, Gary Sefton. He masterminds their shows, how they will work at The Spire, and expertly pulls the team together. “We had so much pleasure making and sharing our shows at The Spire,” he explains. “Theatre should be something that transports you beyond the normal day-to-day, something that excites and occasionally scares you – Frankenstein is a chilling thriller with plenty of frights, but at its core it’s a story of the creation and compassion.”

Sefton, who has adapted the script from Shelley’s original novel, showcases his signature physical, bold and fast-paced storytelling style throughout the reworking. The show is an hour long and runs twice a night.

Following Frankenstein’s run, TRUESTORY are once again putting on the classic festive treat, A Christmas Carol. Back by popular demand, having not being performed last year after two successful previous Christmas runs, Dickens’s masterpiece gets to the very heart of Christmas, dealing with family and compassion for other people. TRUESTORY’s joyous presentation at The Spire is fast becoming a Brighton tradition for families and friends in the festive period.

The Spire is the new name for St Mark’s Chapel on Eastern Road and aims to bring life to the old church once again as an art and community space.

“TRUESTORY are so good that first time theatre goers keep going back to see them again and again and again, muscling out seasoned theatre goers.” FRINGE REVIEW

Early booking advised. Suitable for brave 8-year-olds and up. 24 OCT – 09 NOV Two shows a day. For tickets from £10 and further information, please visit the TRUESTORY Theatre website below.

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