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Ben & Jerry’s offers free ice cream to Brighton as part of its Blown Away Tour

Free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sounds like a distant dream. So, too, does a more environmentally friendly future. But, there might just be a way to make both a reality.

Ben & Jerry’s will offer free ice cream to visitors of Brighton’s Brighthelm Gardens on Wed 11 and Thurs 12 July as part of their ‘Blown Away’ campaign, raising awareness on the benefits of onshore wind energy.

The campaign will see the famous freezer-fillers tour towns and cities across the UK, encouraging fans to sign their Blown Away petition with the aim of persuading the government to remove its restrictions on onshore wind farms.

Working alongside UK-based climate change charity 10:10 Climate Action, Ben & Jerry’s will be giving information on why wind energy is so important when tackling climate change.

Ellie Roberts, Campaign Manager at 10:10 Climate action, said: “Supporting onshore wind energy in the UK will help protect the climate from irreparable damage, and people power can make a huge difference.”

As part of the Blown Away campaign, a number of the brand’s much-loved flavours have received wind-inspired reinventions. These include ‘strawberry breeze-cake’ (strawberry cheesecake), ‘cherry gale-cia’ (cherry garcia) and ‘caramel blew-blew’ (caramel chew chew).

Rebecca Baron, Social Mission Manager at Ben & Jerry’s, added: “We’re calling on people to get behind our campaign by signing the petition and asking the government to give wind energy the support it needs.”

So, if you fancy some free, frozen and flavoursome snacking twinned with the chance to do your bit towards a greener future, this might just be the event for you.

The Blown Away tour will be coming to Brighton’s Brighthelm Gardens on Wed 11 and Thur 12 July. For more details, visit here.

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