Free things to do at home if there’s another lockdown in Brighton

Recent troubling statistics around the growth of Covid-19 cases across the country have fuelled fears that another lockdown could be upon us again. The fabled “second wave” looked closer to becoming a reality over the past week or two as the price of re-opening the economy and encouraging people back into shops, restaurants and pubs inevitably saw a growth in coronavirus figures.

However, even if the worst were to happen, and another lockdown occurs, it’s not all bad, as during the darker days of 2020 we still found many fun and interesting ways to keep ourselves entertained, even finding new hobbies.

If Brighton is placed under another lockdown, make sure to consider some of these fun free things to keep yourself occupied at home.

Get into shape

Exercise in lockdown

Many people used the extra time at home the first time round to get into shape, or at least to stave off some of the extra pounds piled on during lockdown. Why not set yourself a challenge of say, smashing through 50 press-ups or sit ups, or setting a new personal best whilst planking?

You could also download some great free fitness apps, like the Nike Training App, which comes equipped with hundreds of home workouts and fitness plans.

Host a video quiz

The closure of pubs in March of course deprived many self-appointed eggheads of their beloved pub quizzes. Should the unthinkable happen and pubs be forced to close their doors again, then video quizzes over Zoom, HouseParty or another app of your choice remain a great way to stay in contact with friends, as well as keeping your mind active in the face of endless YouTube and daytime TV.

Bring out the games

The gaming industry witnessed a huge increase in players across all ages during 2020, thanks largely in part to the amount of people stuck at home. From modern blockbuster games like Call of Duty: Warzone, to more innocent games like online Sudoku and Crosswords for the older generations, gaming well and truly permeated into the national psyche.

If you’re stuck inside again this year, why not consider picking up the joystick for some much- needed escapism? If the local bingo hall or casino is closed you can even play table games or slots for free at a free bet no deposit casino.

Have a clear out

Lockdown was obviously a claustrophobic time for many, and no doubt this was exacerbated for some by the amount of clutter occupying our houses. Under normal circumstances, we often don’t have time to organise our homes into a state of feng shui, but lockdown presents the perfect opportunity. If your home is full of unnecessary or unwanted items, consider giving these away to those who may appreciate them more, or if they’re truly past their use, some council tips remained open in lockdown!

Write a letter

With social contact obviously at a premium during lockdown, many turned to more traditional forms of correspondence rather than Facebook or Zoom. Taking the time to write a letter is both a therapeutic and exciting exercise, and provides a wholesome way to stay in contact with an old friend.

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